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The Art of Loving EPUB The Art Of Loving Erich Fromm Polishdarling.co.uk Presents His View Of The Nature Of Love Involving The Whole Personality An Orientation Toward Life.World PerspectivesForeword1 Is Love An Art 2 The Theory Of Love Love, The Answer To The Problem Of Human ExistenceLove Between Parent ChildThe Objects Of Love Brotherly Love Motherly Love Erotic Love Self Love Love Of God3 Love Its Disintegration In Contemporary Western Society 4 The Practice Of Love

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    My goodness, what is this dude smoking Someone close to me made me aware that this book existed, and so out of curiosity, I decided to borrow the book from the library and read it It took me 2 days, and really, I hated every bit of this book, for several reasons that I will delineate below But first, let me tell you what this book is about.Obviously, this is non fiction This is written by Erich Fromm, a prominent German social psychologist who happens to belong to the Frankfurt School, also known as the proponents of Critical Theory And in this book, Fromm outlines his theory of love, and how it is an art As with other arts, such as painting and sculpture, he claims that love has two parts theory and practice The book is divided accordingly.In the theory section, he goes over five different types of love brotherly love, motherly love, erotic love, self love, and love of God He explains the different functions of these different types, and its various characteristics And in the practice section, h...

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    The Art of Loving, Erich FrommThe Art of Loving, is a 1956 book, by psychoanalyst and social philosopher Erich Fromm, which was published as part of the World Perspectives Series, edited by Ruth Nanda Anshen In this work, Fromm develops his perspective on human nature, ...

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    I went through this book again partly because it has so much to say, and partly because I wanted to re read Erich Fromm s instructions on how to meditate I like the way he puts it, on pages 101 102 If I am attached to another person because I cannot stand on my own feet, he or she may be a lifesaver, but the relationship is not one of love Paradoxically, the ability to be alone is the condition for the ability to love Anyone who tries to be alone with himself will discover how difficult it is He will begin to feel restless, fidgety, or even to sense considerable anxiety He will be prone to rationalize his unwillingness to go on with this practice by thinking that it has no value, is just silly, that it takes too much time, and so on, and so on He will also observe that all sorts of thoughts come to mind which take possession of him He will find himself thinking about his plans for later in the day, or about some difficulty in a job he has to do, or where to go in the evening, or about any number of things that fill his mind rather than permit...

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    If my mate George hadn t recommended this book there is no chance at all that I would have read it I ve a strange relationship with LOVE in that I think it is grossly overrated by our society You could get away with thinking that if you were not in love in our society then there is something terribly wrong with you Never mind that the notion of being constantly in love in a world where this is all too frequently confused with being infatuated would be a nightmare not worth living.As I said to George I can see why people settle for sex, rather than love Fromm s idea of love sounds far too hard.This is what I would generally call a white board book A book in which someone has picked a term rich in meaning in this case love, but other s I ve read have been on Lust or the parts of the human body and run with it Germaine Greer has one out at the moment called Rage I believe, although she could just as easily have written one called mock outrage All sorts of love are covered, Brotherly Love, Romantic Love, Religious Love, Motherly Love Like I said, a white board book where a huge mind map has been padded out into continuous prose.This all makes the book sound much le...

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    This book confirms the idea that reading is a basic tool in the living of a good life, a better one indeed.Reading the Art of love awoke inside me some long dormant craving to approach the subject matter of love in a Tangible and Lucid way as Fromm did.In this book, Fromm asserts that love is essential to human flourishing and survival love is the answer to the problem of human existence he discusses frankly and candidly his theory of love in all its aspects not only romantic love, so steeped in false conceptions, but also love of parents for children, brotherly love, erotic love, self love and love for God Learning to love, he suggests, requires care, responsibility, respect, and knowledge to master the art of love as he metaphorically puts it.Fromm also writes about the disintegration of love in contemporary western society he stressed tirelessly that modern Western society practices the socially patterned pathology of love , thus, love in the forms he describes is a relatively rare phenomenon in capitalist society, and that its place is taken by a number of forms of pseudo love which are in reality so many forms of the disintegration of...

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    La t pica pregunta Qu es el amor Erich Fromm lo explica en este libro, pero claro, es muy dif cil que una sola persona sea due a de la verdad a un tipo de respuesta como en este tema.Sus hip tesis y tambi n afirmaciones son interesantes Varios tipos de amor y sentimiento puro, algo que en esta sociedad contempor nea hemos perdido, quiz s debido a la globalizaci n, la carga de trabajo, la falta de tiempo, o lo que sea El amor, al ser arte, tiene un valor ...

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