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    A confession When I tell you thatI m doing something really interesting and intellectual reading theory, writing something new, learning to cook Indian food , I m probably lying Most of time What I am actually doing is reading one of these horrible books and eating pretzels, periodically cajoling Mark into bringing me drinks This book, and the other five books in the series, are HORRIBLE Really, really bad I love them.Here s the story so far Fabulous faerie princess Merry, despite being fabulous and awesome and great and having the biggest boobs in the kingdom not a joke , is hated by lots of other nasty faeries Despite this key fact, her aunt, the Dark Queen of Faeries, says that she, Merry, can be queen if she can get pregnant Merry is then given the exclusive right to have lots and lots and lots of unprotected, hot and dirty magical sex with the formerly celibate royal guard, all of whom fall in love with her and her fancy magic boobies In each book, she gains an amazing new magic power, bangs another unbelievably gorgeous man or six, and reels giddily off to another exciting adventure, still unimpregnated Did I mentiont that she s also a private detective She is And the thing of it is, I m not alone These craptastic gothic wank rags routinely top the New York Times bestseller list They are hugely popular The next one comes out in October I ve already pre ordered it.

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    Meh.There are good and bad sides to being a very thorough and articulate writer The good side is how very detailed the fictional creatures are It is easy to get a good mental image on all of the amazing fae creatures that are described in the books And, they are really intriguing.But, the bad side is how detailed inconsequential things can be written Such as a simple conversation that lasts for page after page And, that s what happens here Merry and her men talk with some guards outside a house, just trying to gain entry for so many pages in this book that it could be its own novel Merry Longtalking s Incredible Journey into the House And, that is just one example of the page filling that went on and on and on and on and oh, you get the point.On the whole, not a lot happened in this book It feels like a filler book where the author desperately tried to draw things out by filling the pages with endless descriptions or conversations But, having a filler book at book number two is kind of a problem for me I am not invested enough to continue reading a series when I don t like the second book I ll pass.

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    I enjoyed this a little less than the first one The ending was pretty fantastic though

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    A Caress of Twilightby Laurell K HamiltonBallantine, 326 pages, hardback, 2002I have to confess that, the last time I tried to read one of Ms Hamilton s many novels, I got about halfway through and then threw it across the room The book in question was called Narcissus in Chains, and was the umpteenth volume featuring Ms Hamilton s series heroine Anita Blake, Vampire Hunter I had fought my way through about two hundred pages of badly written soft porn I have no aversion at all to well written soft porn and had come to a section where various of the loathsome characters were discussing the genital endowment of a particular historical vampire This vampire, we were told salivatingly, had been the possessor of a penis so doughty that his erection was a full six inches thick.That s right thick Not six inches long Not even six inches in circumference But thick.This reviewer did not, as might have so many other men, rush straight to the nearest mirror to gaze at and weep over his own deficiencies He did not even accidentally turn the ruler to the centimetre side while frantically checking Instead he threw the book across the room and then, remembering the principles of academic rigour, asked a couple of congenital experts on matters penile if such a weapon might be of any practicable use other than being waved around proudly to impress the rest of the guysin the locker room.Gentle reader, they laughed so hard I wondered if I should call an ambulance And the book stayed thrown A Caress of Twilight is not about Anita Blake, Vampire Hunter It is the second in a series of novels about Meredith Gentry, a princess of Fairyland who is also a private detective in our own world, it being the rather charming conceit of this series that the USA has offered a home to refugees from the Realm of Faerie Meredith Merry is somewhat of afugitive from the politics of the royal courts of Fairyland, some of whom wish to murder her and with others of whom she maintains at best a relationship of mutual distrust, powerbroking chessplay and hostile alliance She is guarded by a bunch of other elementals, all male and all of them possessed of six inch .Well, no, not quite At the start of the book, Merry has just finished a threesome with two of the guards, and as the tale such as it is progresses she samples the rest of them, in each instance for several drooling pages Two prove to be endowed with members of such enormity that, while not six inches thick oddly, Ms Hamilton gives no precise dimensionsconcerning such important attributes, neither in US Customary units nor in metric , our heroine has, to use technical phraseology, some considerable difficulty cramming the damn things in.Now, I wouldn t want to give the impression that this book is nothing but nonstop writhing There s a plot as well It s rather problematic to remember what the plot actually is, because it appears only intermittently among the couplings, among lengthy and tedious character descriptions, and among interminable scried conversations with various royals that seem to have little point except to show what complete bastards they all are except our Merry who might well be just as much a bastard if she could ever stay upright long enough, but that s only a wild speculation on this reviewer s part, you understand.Lemme think, now The plot has to do with a criminal investigation that Merry and her studs are attempting to carry out There s this ex goddess of Fairyland who decided years ago to come to Hollywood and be a screen goddess in the human world instead Someone s out to get her Someone s also mass murdering people in all directions, and the police one of whom, the lieutenant in charge of the case, is really, really stupid anddoesn t think Merry and her pals will be at all helpful, whereas we wise readers know of course that she s the only hope the police, as I say, are getting nowhere The screen goddess wants to have a baby by her mortal husband, but he s at death s door so Merry and one of her gang have to do some detailed proxy banging for the luckless couple Someone in Fairyland has let loose an ancient terror which is responsible for all the badthings that are going on.Case solved, out with the measuring tape and back to the fun.Merry is not the only fun and dimension lovin female in the book s cast, although she s the only one whose fun is described in gratuitous detail Here s a sample of one of the others being unusually subtle I also never thought you d be so blessed down below The Queen sounded wistful now, like a child who hadn t gotten what she wanted for her birthday I mean, you are descended from dogs and phoukas, and they are not much in that way Most phoukas have than one shape, my Queen Dog and horse, sometimes eagle, yes, I know all about that What does that have to do She stopped in mid sentence, and a smile crooked at the edges of her lipsticked mouth Are you saying that your grandfather could turn into a horse as well as a dog He spoke softly Yes, my Queen That s in fact one of the better written parts of the book elsewhere we find such delights as He had managed to keep just enough cover over his groin so that he was covered , to isolate just one Late in the book we encounter the minor character Bucca, who is supposedly Cornish in order to prove that he s Cornish his speech is rendered in dialect that veers excitingly between Irish, Scottish, Yorkshire Lancashire and who knows whatelse And so on.There are also, unless this reader is being even stupider than usual, some puzzling inconsistencies To select a single example, on page 25 we re clearly told that the penalty for a Raven a member of the Queen s personal guards who touches I assume this is a euphemism any woman other thanthe Queen is death by torture, yet this is clearly forgotten later on when there is no thought of making it secret from the Queen that our Merry discriminates not one whit against the Raven seconded to her personal entourage.As stated at the outset, this reviewer has no particular prejudice against reading soft porn so long as it s well or at least competently written There is a point of unease, however, when one begins to sense probably completely incorrectly that a text has teetered from consciously created erotica or attempted erotica into the writer s personal masturbatory fantasies Within fantasy, one strikes that point frequently when reading some of Anne Rice s early, pseudonymous, overtly erotic novels, such as her Sleeping Beauty sadomasochistic cycle one runs smack into it as into a brick wall in the works of John Norman and one encounters it again here It is almost certainly, as noted, a misleading sense, but that doesn t make the reading experience any pleasurable one squirms not with lasciviousness nor even a delectable feeling of minor guilt, but with sheer embarrassment, as if a stranger had just asked you to fumble through their used underwear.What, leaving such considerations aside, of the status of A Caress of Shadows as a straightforward fantasy Well, of course, there s not much room for yer actual non erotic fantasy in among all the rest, and most of what there is is pretty mundane stuff you ve read these imaginings many times before, drawn as they are from the genre fantasy writers commonstockpot That initial conceit, however that the denizens of Faerie are the new refugees in an alternate reality USA is genuinely a pleasing one It s a great pity the rest of the book can t live up to it.But then that is perhaps not the purpose of Ms Hamilton or her publishers.This review, first published by Infinity Plus, is excerpted from my ebook Warm Words and Otherwise A Blizzard of Book Reviews, to be published on September 19 by Infinity Plus Ebooks.

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    Obviously, I disliked the first one enough that I had to immediately read the second These are light, fluffy, and fun reads, albeit full of dark subject matter.

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    Quit drawing out the story Merry Gentry is Princess of the Unseelie Court and co heir to the throne if she can get pregnant Which she and her harem of interchangeable men are trying very hard to accomplish.One fine day at the Detective Agency that Merry works despite being royalty that attracts paparazzi easier than a bald Britney Spears , a man enters After lots of hemming and hawing a standard LKH practice to pad out the story and make her MC look supa amazing Merry finds out the guy is representing Maeve Reeds, a Faerie super star who was banished from the courts 100 years ago.One chapter is dedicated to Merry and her men driving to Maeve s house I would have thought that by going to her house, they had already decided to talk to her, but what do I know Two chapters are dedicated to Merry and her men arguing with Maeve s bodyguards to be let in.One chapter is dedicated to Merry and her men entering the house, meeting Maeve, who runs off to the backyard.Another couple of chapters pass before Merry finally nails Maeve to the floor figuratively , and they FINALLY talk about the whole point of Maeve s request What is this request Maeve wants children problem is, her husband is dying Also, Maeve believes the Seelie infertility is due to King Taranis own infertility It was dark by the time we arrived back to my apartment Well, after how long it took to freakin get INTO THE HOUSE and how much time you wasted tip toeing around Maeve, I m somehow not surprised Actually, no, I am surprised how did you get home IN THE SAME DAY Most of the actual solution to the mystery involves Merry turning to one of her guards and asking questions Some of the questions include What does that mean Are you saying What Why How I think Merry really should switch fields She d make a good investigative reporter.But the job with Maeve takes a backseat Merry and Doyle finally get their freak on and fade to black Yes, in a supposed erotica book, we get a fade to black between two of the characters Lemme tell you, I wasn t happy In fact, I was so surprised shocked horrified, that I checked with a print copy to make sure I hadn t somehow gotten a hold of an abridged audiobook.In between lots and lots of flirtation, talking about her love with all her men, Merry has a few other things on her mind repairing Galan s junk, having sex with a butterfly like man, Sage at least, I pictured him as a butterfly , arguing with her mother whom she hates, of course , arguing with Nicoden, arguing with Rosmerta, arguing with a guy named Hedwig, arguing with King Taranisactually, if there is someone Merry can argue with in this book, she does it.FINALLY, after what seems like forever, Merry does end up doing something about Maeve s infertility which produces the most AMAZING quote EVAH More sex We must have sex And she and her Deus Ex Machina bodyguards find the solution to a bunch of murders that abruptly appear halfway through the novel Oh, and Merry and her men level up image error

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    Second book still trashy bordering on decadent, still packed with flowery prose, still moving at a snails pace I think the whole book moved ahead about five days.Some of it I liked Hamilton comes up with some beautiful descriptions, and the confrontations can be pretty satisfying Meredith s mirror argument with her bitch of a mother is a great example But good God, things can get tedious In the first book I thought it was the endless descriptions that were slowing things down We ve still got that here, but now it s the arguments Everybody has to constantly DEBATE things Meet a new person, get into an argument Find some new information, get into an argument It s as if Hamilton has exactly one tool for plot development, and that s to have the characters argue until the reader understands what s happening and wishes everyone would move the heck on.The book also could have used a good editor to point out some overused phrases Hamilton falls in love with the accusation..and well you know it around the middle of the book, and uses about three times a chapter And people are always giving someone an unfriendly look , or they re all exchanging looks It got to the point where I would imagine everyone carrying around a sack of tokens labeled looks , which they would trade back and forth during awkward pauses.The worst part was how Hamilton handled the ending We re at the climactic battleand it s cleared up in a chapter No, wait, it s cleared up in the space between two paragraphs One minute we re in the aftermath, and then all of a sudden it s sum it up time for two pages til the end of the book It s disappointing, because the author is talented enough that she doesn t need to fall into these same pitfalls over and over And expect reviews like this from me because the story itself is compelling enough that I ll probably keep reading just to find out what happens.

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    Faerie Tales Finally Get RealBefore I get serious, I must say that Doyle would make the best consort for Meredith He knows the Unsidhe Court better than anyone, and is intelligent enough to know when to use his power and when to use diplomacy Frost is too much like the nickname bestowed upon him by Andais Rhys still has issues with Goblins, and Galen, while cute, would be nothing than a boy toy And there s something rather cool about a dark skinned fae character Most writers save Emma Bull , tend to stick closely with the typical Celtic looking faerie folk.I have to admit, Merry was hard to take in the first book, especially for those of us used to the kick butt attitude of Ms Hamilton s Anita Blake However, Meredith has come into her own, and she is definitely not one to be tread upon lightly, as a few of her encounters with The Queen of Air and Darkness show.What I really love about this series is that the fae are NOT these cute little people who help humans in need In fact, these fae are rather dismissive and in some cases hostile to mankind These fae are far closer literature wise than the Disney fied versions that we re familiar with Some of their actions in the book definitely make one squirm Even Doyle and Frost, as close to heroes as a character can be, remind the reader in some startling ways not to use human benchmarks to judge their actions.And yes, there is sex in the book but it does not detract from the gist of the story After all, Merry does need to get an heir before her psychotic cousin Prince Cel does However, just as she does in her characterizations of the fae, Ms Hamilton is trying to get the reader to look beyond our notions of what sex is and isn t She wants us to see it through the eyes of the fae, who lack all the cultural taboos that humans seem to possess.I also like the subtle discussion of the attitudes of the Sidhe in regards to other faerie beings.

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    While this wasn t quite as good as the first book, I still enjoyed it I really don t get why people write about these books as though they are porn There really isn t hardly any blatant sex at all Yes, Merry has several men in her life, as she was forced to choose several men in order to conceive a child and inherit the Unseelie throne Pretty much, she does this or dies The sex mainly happens off page I guess the main deal for people must be the fact that she is in relationships with several men It isn t just mindless screwing, there is a point to it, and Merry genuinely has feelings for them.I don t get the fuss, personally I just think it s an entertaining series about the fae sidhe This one did have a bit too much description about the glamour of the sidhe, or just lengthy descriptions of clothes, etc.But I still enjoyed it and plan to read the others in the series.

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    3 1 2 stars Still thinking on how I feel about this series and if it s worth it to continue.

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A Caress of Twilight (Merry Gentry, #2) I Am Princess Meredith, Heir To A Throne If I Can Stay Alive Long Enough To Claim ItAfter Eluding Relentless Assassination Attempts By Prince Cel, Her Cousin And Rival For The Faerie Crown, Meredith Gentry, Los Angeles Private Eye, Has A Whole New Set Of Problems To Become Queen, She Must Bear A Child Before Cel Can Father One Of His Own But Havoc Lies On The Horizon People Are Dying In Mysterious, Frightening Ways, And Suddenly The Very Existence Of The Place Known As Faerie Is At Grave Risk So Now, While She Enjoys The Greatest Pleasures Of Her Life Attempting To Conceive A Baby With The Warriors Of Her Royal Guard, She Must Fend Off An Ancient Evil That Could Destroy The Very Fabric Of Reality And That S Just Her Day Job From The Paperback Edition.