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Here Comes the Bridesmaid PDF Here Comes The Bridesmaid Author Avril Tremayne Freeboooks.com Can She Make Organising Her Friend S Wedding Any Harder 1 Sunshine Smart Has Only Got Two Months Until The Big Day 2 She Has To Include The Grouchy, Surly Best Man, Leo Quartermaine A Top Chef And Her Complete Opposite 3 Said Best Man Is Extremely Handsome Sexy And Knows It 4 He Has No Interest In D Cor, Flowers, Clothes Or Shoes But Has An Uninformed Opinion On All Four 5 And In Just A Few Days In, She S Already Slept With Him Rookie Mistake

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    I dare anyone not to fall in love with Sunshine Smart and Leo Quartermaine This book had me laughing from page one, but I also shed a tear or two in a couple of places Full of fun, warmth a dash of sadness and some simmering sexual tension, Avril Tremayne has ...

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    Awww those two were so sweet and touching and funny and just really really delightful

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    Sunshine Smart is unusual, not because of her one green, one blue eye but because of her personality She s a fun and nutty person, you know the kind that loves life and everything about it, the kind that gives off so much positive energy you wish you could climb inside their souls and be just like them, because their life looks like it is just so much fun But not all people appreciate that kind of crazy and unusual , especially Leo Quatermaine, he has a business to run and he is bloody good at it too, he does not need Miss Funky Shoes coming in and telling him what to do when it comes to being the best man at his brother s wedding nor does he need advise on what food to serve, he s a chef for goodness sake Sunshine takes one look at him and immediately falls for his handsome ways, but tries her hardest to focus on the plan at hand, plan the wedding and get out of there, before she does something stupid like sleep with all hot and smoldering Leo, oh wait she s already done that, now what This was an absolutely stunning read The characters we the complete opposite of each other, is all crazy fun and Leo all serious, and this made for fantastic entertainment, off the charts funny Ye...

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    Loved this quirky romance the characters are very memorable A fun, delicious read Leo and Sunshine will be remembered.

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    It s not sexy to continually forget to use condoms.

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    Oh my stars I didn t know much going into this book, other that Sunshine and Leo have been tasked to organise a wedding reception for her best friend Jon and his brother Caleb, and that Avril Tremayne wrote it and I am yet to read something she wrote that I didn t like.Their first meeting sets the tone for their planning relationship, both of them are hiding some pretty serious skeletons in their closets, both a bit broken with definite ideas about what they are and are not looking for in life.Of course the sparks between them are spectacular and the they fight it, the explosive the whole thing becomes Sunshine makes a lot of rules Leo takes great pleasure in breaking.When I reached the end of this book, I found myself bawling my eyes out Slightly embarrassing, since I was sitting on some concrete steps on the street waiting for someone, and cops kept walking past on their way to the courthouse down the road It s been a while since a book made me cry I loved Sunshine and I l...

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    The Best Juxtaposition Of Toilet Paper In Any Romance NovelHands down absolute best juxtaposition of toilet paper in any romance novel ever published Not to mention the rapist butterflies and a new take on figs If you like sparkling dialogue, a large ...

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    It could have so easily been a fluffy, chic lit with no substance, no meaning, no reality It started out that way but it evolved into a romance along the way with humor and quirks.

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    I really really love Avril Tremayne s writing style in this book Amazing

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    I met Avril at the recent Australian Romance Readers Convention 2017 , and she gave me this book It s a great, fun read with interesting characters I enjoyed the modern take on the bridesmaid groomsman relationship especially with who the married coupl...

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