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    I found out about this book in an odd way, my uncle Len Nam Vet, Army and I were talking aboutmy other uncle Rich 3 3 Marines Vietnam, who had a copy of this book with a bunch of hand written notes in it Rich was mentioned briefly in the May 25th incident when they were all pinned down in the rice paddy T.J said Richard was the new Battalion RTO, the last name is spelled wrong don t worry no one ever gets its right LOL Sadly Rich has passed away and we miss him dearly, he was a real characterT...

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    A marine s account of war in VietnamThis is as good a book about war in Vietnam and the operations around the dmz, as one will find anywhere Mr Kelly has written a historical account, which is important not only to himself, but, for the job he was doing in directing firepower on the enemy and bringing in helicopters for medevecs I read with a sense of joy the relationship he had with officers in the field and what a difference the environment became in the rear battalion areas, where uniformity was strictly enforced Hardly the place for a marine, who spent so much time in the field, without adequate food or water His stories of fallen comrades, real people, were treated very respectful and their effect on him I highly recommend and wish Mr Kelly, peace and s...

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    Just a grunt in the green machineVery interesting reading about an air traffic control mos being re routed in to being a line grunt Very well chronicled time in service Many interesting comparisons of...

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    TremendousOne of the best books I have read about the combat that Marines encountered in Nam With exceptional personal description the author tells his story Solid food read and this one will be read again In faint way this book reminded me of the movie Platoon.

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Dmz Diary: A Combat Marine's Vietnam Memoir BOOKS Dmz Diary A Combat Marine S Vietnam Memoir Author Jeff Kelly Oknalubliniec.eu It Came With No Warning Pop Compressed Into A Fraction Of A Second Was The Shrill, Expanding Screech Of The Approaching Round And The Explosion That Rocked The Hilltop The Players, Sitting Indian Style At A Game Of Back Alley Bridge, Were Torn To Pieces It Happened In The Blink Of An Eye August 27, 1968 The Vietnam War S Hottest Year Was 1968, And The Demilitarized Zone DMZ Was Its Hottest Spot Battalions On Each Side Stalked The DMZ S Mean Hills Seeking Contact In This Memoir The Author Tells Of The War Up North On The Border Between North And South Vietnam There The Combat Was Large Scale And Marked By Conventional Battles Fought By Disciplined Troops On Both Sides, Each Supported By Heavy Artillery And Tanks For Each Side There Was A Trump Card The North Vietnamese Could Withdraw To Sanctuary Across The DMZ The Marines Possessed Air Power The Author, A Forward Air Controller With A Marine Grunt Company, Fought Alongside The Infantrymen, Directing Close Air Support, Talking Helicopters Into Hot Landings To Evacuate Wounded And Communicating With Aerial Observers Circling In Slow Spotter Planes For A Birds Eye View Of The Enemy.