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Yellow-Yellow BOOKS Yellow Yellow Author Kaine Agary Nature Explore.eu Zilayefa, A Young Girl Of Greek And Nigerian Parentage, Leaves Her Rustic Existence And The Protective Grip Of Her Mother In The Village, In Search Of A Better Life In The City With A Recommendation From Her Church Pastor, She Is Taken In And Catered For By Sisi, An Elderly Woman, And Her Young Friend, Lolo Zilayefa Is Thrust Into The Bustling City Of Port Harcourt, Unprepared For The Pitfalls Awaiting A Young Girl So Unsure Of Herself And In Desperate Need Of Direction In Port Harcourt, Zilayefa Is Confronted By The Prejudices Against Her Racial Identity She Struggles With Accepting The Void Left By Not Knowing Her Father And Tries To Fill That Void With The Attention Of An Older Lover Through The Experiences Of Her Budding Sexuality, Zilayefa Grows To A Higher Level Of Knowledge And Understanding And Must Define For Herself What Her Life Should Be.

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    AN ANALYSIS OF KAINE AGARY S YELLOW YELLOW IN RELATION TO THE NIGER DELTA SITUATIONKaine Agary s Yellow Yellow is mainly about the story of a Greek Nigerian girl called Zilayefa It revolves around how this character, who against the odd of being born by an unwed mother, rises to affluence but later falls as a result of moral misconduct In the novel, a form of creative distancing was done, with emphasis shifting away from the society to the individual The order of the day had been that the residents of the Niger Delta, where the novel was chiefly set, are a bunch of trouble makers, rabble rousers and recalcitrant militants The Niger Delta region of Nigeria contains a mass of land that generates over 60% of the nation s revenue Despite sucking the natural resources there, little had been done by the authorities to help its populace amid the hazards crude oil exploration had caused them The author, therefore, explores environmental and social issues as they affect the common people in that part of the country by presenting individual figur...

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    In Looking for Transwonderland Travels in Nigeria, Noo Saro Wiwa visits the University of Ibadan and talks to the president of the Student Association, Faith Odele Odele is pretty blunt about the current dismal situation of the Nigerian university system, and also talks a bit about Nigerian writers in the diaspora versus Nigerian writers who have remained in Nigeria and only publish their work in Nigeria, remarking that people don t seem to want to read the work of Nigerians in Nigeria Saro Wiwa points out that Odele is referring to U.S based writers like Chimamanda Adichie and Helon Habila who have seen much success, unlike, apparently, Nigerian writers in Nigeria Odele pointed out Kaine Agary s book Yellow Yellow as one that s similar to Adichie s book Half of a Yellow Sun 18749 , i think but didn t enjoy the same publicity If Agary had published the book in the U.S., Nigerians would have taken an interest in it Obviously this brought a lot of questions to my mind, including, is this true but most importantly i wanted to know CAN I GET THIS BOOK AND READ IT and holy smokes, yes, i love where i work because i can get this book i have just requested it hopefully it is really...

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    Kaine took me to port harcourt on the pages of yellow yellow, and showed me a side of half castes as we call them I didnt know about Well done

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    The novel describes Zilayefa s search for direction and purpose, her admiration for her city friends, her concern about her lack of a father and her racial identity, and her affair with a powerful older man She is a sympathetic character and her voice seems authentic.

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    Fucking waste of my money If I could give this book half or a quarter star I would It had neither good writing, good character or captivating story Just bad bad bad

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    I want to read it.

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    So after i already purchased Yellow Yellow and had started reading, I realized at one point I was forcing myself to continue reading for the sake of completion There was nothing to draw me back to the book Yellow Yellow isn t much of a compelling read To make matters worse, I...

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    The writing is a bit quirky and you can tell it s her first novel, however, I would read another book by this author It s this young woman s story and moving to the city and being a mixed race girl I t...

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    THIS IS AN AMAZING BOOK You ll just never want to drop the book once you begin falling in love Zilayefa I ll just let you read it Hope you like as much as I do.

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    More of a morality tale than a real novel It was insightful, contained a lot of truth, and wasn t boring at all, but didn t deliver much else.

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