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From the Japanese: A Journalist in the Empire of the Resigned The Nail That Stands Out Will Quickly Be Hammered Down As Journalist Catherine Bergman Notes In Her Introduction To From The Japanese, This Saying Is One Of The First Things That One Discovers Upon Arriving In Japan Everyone Makes A Point Of Telling You This, As If To Suggest That, If You Want To Survive In This Society, You Will Have To Bow Your Head, Accept The Rules, And Try, Above All, Not To Stand Out Yet During The Five Years That She Lived In The Land Of The Rising Sun As The Wife Of A Canadian Diplomat, Bergman Also Encountered Individuals Who Did Not Conform To The Complex Codes And Laws Governing Japanese Society Those Nails That Do Stick Out In This, Her First Book, Bergman Records Her Observations Of Japan And Writes Passionately About Her Interviews With Intellectual Gurus, Rebels, Politicians, Artists, Adolescents, And Even About An Audience With The Emperor In Doing So She Hopes To Challenge Many Of The Common Misconceptions And Preconceived Ideas Held In The Western World About Japan And Japanese Society And, In Fact, To Reveal Japanese Society By Examining Those Who Do Not Fit In.From The World Of The Geishas To The National Soccer League, From Sexual Harassment Suits To The Politics Of Arranged Marriages, From The Collective Memory Of The War To The World Of High Fashion, Modern Journalism, And The Shinto Religion, From An Examination Of The Justice System To An Evening Spent Watching Fireflies Bergman Sees Evidence Of A Haunting Quest For A True National Identity.

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    Written by academic and journalist Catherine Bergman, this book is comprised of a series of short stories exploring different aspects of Japanese culture Bergman covers topics ranging from gender roles, Japanese militarism pre and post WWII, the current political culture, and cultural customs.Each chapter covers a different topic, making it an easy read to forget about for a few days a...

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    Hands down the best book I ve read on Japan by someone who lived there Catherine Bergman is a journalist who went to Japan as the wife of the Canadian ambassador In the five years she lived there, she was able to collect opportunities to get to kno...

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    A really interesting book, written by a Canadian journalist who lived in Japan for five years with her ambassador husband She records her observations of life in Japan through interviews with various Japanese citizens who do...

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    Very good.

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    Excellent best book on Japanese culture I have read and very female focused.it is a surprising review written without malice and a lot of perception

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