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    I came to this collection of very short stories having discovered AC Flory randomly via another author, whose work I love I was working my way through the entire Innerscape series, when I messaged the author to tell her how much I was enjoying the series and how the particular events at that precise stage concerned me can t be specific spoilers and that I was having to pace myself She was kind enough to send me this collection I only post reviews for books I enjoy so if I hadn t, I d not be typing this.The collection is described as postcards from the future , and that is a perfect description Every story stands alone, but they are all interlinked, being set in the future, where mankind has retreated from the natural world that we they have almost destroyed It was a delight to read them all, and to see th...

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    The Vintage Egg is an excellent mini collection of connected science fiction stories A.C Flory manages to create a balance between humanity and an exploration of a dystopian future with scientific, social and environmental problems based on our own.In some ways it harkens back to classic science fiction stories, as it explores the logical extensions of today s ills But The Vintage Egg has a big heart, so the stories work on another level, creating another kind of connection with today The characters are genuine and readers easily identify with their futuristic dilemmas because of their fundamental humanity The lure of total immersion gaming, the family dynamic that sets up a conflict between dreamers and realists and the fear and helplessness of extreme old age, all play...

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    Original, well paced, entertaining science fictionThis short story collection packs a lot of punch for its size Skipping about in time in various locations towards the end of this century, the six linked shorts cover practical futuristic issues like immersion in online gaming, as well as basic human tendencies like caring for defenceless creatures and dreaming of a better future.I found all the stories to be written in an entertaining manner,...

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    If you don t look back it s hard to imagine how much life has changed even in the last century It would be interesting to try to explain the nuances of modern life to someone who never lived in the 20th century If like me you don t think too much about the future beyond the next decade or so, A.C Flory s Postcards From Tomorrow does this in reverse and ta...

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The Vintage Egg (Postcards From Tomorrow, #1) Six Short Stories Six Sneak Peeks Into The Lives Of People Living In Australia At The End Of The 21st Century Six Postcards From The Future.Although Each One Of These Science Fiction Stories Stands Alone, Together They Tell A Story About A Time And A World Very Different To Our Own Like The Present, The Future Will Be A Mix Of Good And Bad, But To The People Living In It, The Late 21st Century Will Just Be Now What They Make Of It Is Up To Them However Our Now Is Up To Us We Are The Ones Who Will Decide, In A Million Little Ways, Whether Their Future Comes True Or Not.

  • ebook
  • The Vintage Egg (Postcards From Tomorrow, #1)
  • A.C. Flory
  • 12 July 2017

About the Author: A.C. Flory

Please call me Meeks And welcome to my new, abbreviated bio I m female, 60, Australian and a sci fi writer I have one daughter and far too many pets When I m not reading or writing sci fi, I play video games and MMOs The name Meeks comes from the first MMO I ever played Final Fantasy XI I like to think I m not conventional.