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10 thoughts on “The Honest Truth About The Zombie Apocalypse

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    Very short, a bit crass yet pretty funny.It s good find a bit of humor in this sub genre.I recommend this to readers of flash fiction, zombies and satirical genres

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    ha ha quick and funny insight into the little things the movies forgot Zombie poopThis is the ranting of a man who is living the nightmare of a changed world I felt that I could hear his voice full of adrenaline and disgust A swift read that had an edge to it Not long enough to determine i...

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    A nice short storyLeft me hanging at the end Assumptions can be made but wish the story lasted longer It was a good read I liked it.

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The Honest Truth About The Zombie Apocalypse EPUB The Honest Truth About The Zombie Apocalypse Author M Starks Soaringeaglecasino.us A Fast Paced Short Story About One Man S Experience In The Zombie Apocalypse Funny Understandings, A Loyal Zombie Dog, Neighbors That Want Him Dead, And All Throughout A Humorous Dialogue Showing What The Movies Got Wrong The Surprise Ending Shows The Greatest Truth Of All Even If You Have Read Many Zombie Stories, This One Is Well Worth The Read