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Afghan Heat Afghan Heat Is A Fast Paced Story Of An SAS Operative On Operations From SAS Selection Through To A Tour On The Battlefields Of Afghanistan The Book Follows Individual Operations Where Special Forces, Aircraft, And The Latest Surveillance Technology Are Fused Together In Order To Capture Key Figures Or Simply Take Out An Enemy Stronghold.The Books Account Is Both Gritty And Graphical As It Follows The SAS, Battling At Times Against Overwhelming Odds In A Hostile Country Fighting A War Hardened Enemy With Years Of Experience Fighting Occupying Forces Even These Elite Soldiers With Advanced Weaponry And Immense Fire Support At Their Disposal Are Put To The Ultimate Test Of Skill And Courage Fighting In The Stan.

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    Knihu som ne tala ako literat ru, ale ako fakty, za fakty 4 , ale za writing bohu ia len 2 , tak e definit vne hodnotenie budem priemerova tavos knihy je hor ia, lebo gramatick chyby vid aj priemerne anglicky taj ci itate.

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    The Best Soldiers in the worldThe SAS are the best and most experienced soldiers in the world, bar none While every word in this book is surely true, it doesn t even come close to covering all their exploits in Afghanistan A group of men I am proud to have known.

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    Found it a bit of a struggleFound it a bit of a struggle to read at times with writing a bit disjointed at time But some good info all the same and for a good buy.

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    Very enjoyable readThis book is easy to read and puts into perspective what our troops go through from basic training to the front line You can put yourself in their position.

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    Great content, however a little hard to read at points due to spelling mistakes and poor proof reading.

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    The cringeworthy errors, misspellings and stylistic crimes make an otherwise potentially interesting book essentially unreadable I even tried to accept that as an authentic representation of the way the author thinks and writes from what I gathered from the part I read, he certainly is not an intellectual and admits his command of language is far from excellent , but that does not prevent my eyes from tearing up every time he violates linguistic conventions.Grammar issues aside, the style is abhorrent Interrupting action scenes with paragraphs detailing the equipment used and its manufacturers and operational history shatters the story into ruins Not that the information is uninteresting, I like to know about the vehicles and weapons SAS uses, but it is provided at the least suitable times.If the title or description made you interested, read the sample first I did not and all I got for the five dollars is the dubiously good feeling that my command of English is better tha...

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    A very interesting and topical read, with the current final withdrawal from Afghanistan Afghan Heat certainly gives a good insight into the background of what the SAS have been up to in Afghanistan along with details of the equipment used I liked the honesty and camaraderie the book depicted Not just looking at the SAS but other Special Forces as well Its is not written in a flowery style, just a very straight to the point factual styl...

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    Four stars for the knowledge, but 1 star for the writing Stone gives amazing insight into how the SAS operated in Afganistan and the battles they were a part of.However its clear no editor took part in the book Grammar Nazis should steer clear as this book will drive you insane.

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