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Catch a Fallen Angel Could This Devil May Care Strangerbe Her Angel In Disguise Gabe Donovan S Regrets For A Life Of Gambling And Drinking Come Fast And Hard When He Finds Himself Hanging From The Short End Of A Rope, Framed For A Crime He Didn T Commit But Fate Has A Little Detour On The Road To The Afterlife, Complete With A Bargain From Old Scratch Himself The Deal Two Months Of Life In Exchange For The Soul Of The Scoundrel Who Should Have Hung In Gabe S Noose.Maggie Benson Realizes That Only A Desperate Woman Would Hire A Dusty, Down On His Luck Stranger With A Past, But She Has A Hotel To Run In Regret, Nevada, And Handymen Aren T Exactly Lining Up At Her Door Destiny, However, Comes In Strange Packages, And After One Magical Kiss, She Knows Gabe Is Hers Come Hell Or High Water, She S Not About To Let Go Of This Fallen Angel, Even If She Has To Take On The Devil Himself

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    This book was such a delight to read I hardly know where to begin I will state that Kathleen Kane also writes contemporary romances under the name Maureen Child, for anyone interested First off, the characters were great I would have expected not to like a man who would literally make a deal with the Devil, yet I could see that Gabe had a heart of gold underneath his rogue exterior Maggie was charming as well she was than just the cliche of a woman who can t even boil water I loved how vibrant and alive she was I thought that these two were a great match for one another And the heroine s son Jake was adorable as well Even the villains were than just caricatures They had motivations that the reader could understand, and even sympathize with to some extent I d been starting to get sick of small town books, but this one reminded me of why they are so popular I loved the whole cast of characters, and they felt like than just quirky cliches thrown in for laughs I also really liked that the hero and heroine fell in love with each other for than just sex Don t get me wrong, I m not a prude, but I don t like romances where there is an overemphasis on sex I like it as an added bonus to love, not as the sole reason for a relationship between the hero and heroine While they were physica...

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    I loved it It took The story had interesting twists and turns

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    The only other Kathleen Kane book ive read was When the Halo Falls which I LOVED, so i was expecting a lot from this book I thought the story was nice and Maggie s unexpected talent was really cool to see I loved Gabe s relationship with Gabe and as Gabe s two months drew to an end my heart totally broke for what e...

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    Another re read Probably did not enjoy as much as first time, but still a good way to pass time.

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    what a cute and fun to read book