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    Vhairi is kidnapped from her planet by space raiders and turned into a pleasure slave After being sold numerous times, she is now a sex slave on a ship of Krei Warriors and must endure physical and emotional abuse from the masochistic Captain Macon, who has no plans of letting her go Little does she know that her world is about to be turned upside down once againbut maybe this time it will be for the good.Captain Drew Jorgen works for the U.W.L Unified Worlds League , and after his ship is fired upon using unknown technology, he is ordered to find and capture the alien ship and its occupants Disguising himself as a Krei warrior, he infiltrates Macon s ship to gather intel and proof Spending months on the ship, he meets the beautiful Vhairi Finding that she is pregnant, Drew vows to get her of...

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Vhairis Surrender (The Star Slave Chronicles of Breeker Galaxy, #1) Vhairi S World Is Torn Apart By Space Raiders Trained As A Pleasure Slave, She Is Bought And Sold Many Times Over For Her Willful Ways Now She Is Nothing Than A Plaything To A Ship Of Krei Warriors But Not Everyone Or Everything Is What It Seems Captain Drew Jorgen Is A Career Military Man When He Uncovers And Brings Back Proof That The United World S League S Old Nemesis, The Pithaats, Have Once Again Incurred On U.W.L Space, He Finds Something Even ImportantVhairi Can He Mend Vhairi S Heart And Show Her Not All Men Are Rutting Ku Beasts Can She Learn To Love Him This Book Contains Scenes Many May Find Objectionable And Is Intended For Mature Audiences, 18 Contains Graphic Content Violence Sex