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    oh another super freebie this book has it all, it has love, hate, murder, intrigue, revenge, or rather misguided revenge, and a whodunit I DID NOT see coming Julia is heartbroken when she discovers her childhood friend dead in the swimming hole and leaves home for Boston to nanny for her aunt She is called home when her father is dying, 5 years later In her father s will, she is left half his stables, the lawyer gets the other half AND there are stipulations as to what she can do to get rid of it, but I m not saying since she wants nothing but to return to Boston.However, things have a habit of getting in the way, and being attacked not once, but several times, Julia has a rethink Daniel, the lawyer, is also stumped by the old man s will Oh he knew he was getting half, but not the stipulations that went along with it.we follow Julia and Daniel in a discovery of them selves, of each other, and of who is trying to kill Julia.I loved the interaction between Julia and Daniel, before the will was read not the done thing in that time, and they both knew it the way Daniel introduces Julia into his world, and his playing was sweet, but still quite sexy I did think it would go further than it did, with all the references to his deviant nature but it doesn t all the sub characters have...

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    Syntax mistake on the first page, modern concepts in a historic book, and flat voice knocked this one off the reading list very early on.

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    Awesome read I loved this story, never a dull moment characters are so easy to love A Job well done.

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Harnessed Passions Ebook Harnessed Passions Author D.T Jones Paletterie2000.eu Tragedy Took Julia Turner Away From Her Kentucky Home, But With The Death Of Her Father She Finds Herself Suddenly Thrust Into Taking Over The Family Ranch The Threat Of Arson And Murder Linger In The Air As She Embarks On Making A New Life For Herself, With A Husband She Inherited From Her Father Can She Overcome Her Past And Put The Ghosts That Haunt Her To Rest Once And For All Daniel Browning Loves The Land In Which He Inherits, But He Finds His Love For The Late Owner S Daughter, Stronger In Order To Start A Life With Julia, He Must First Put An End To The Events Plaguing The Stables And Solve A Five Year Old Mystery Can He Do It In Time To Save The Ranch S Reputation And Protect Julia From Becoming A Victim Of Her Own Past Horrors