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21 Things Every Girl Should Know Read 21 Things Every Girl Should Know Author Sneha Mehta Capitalsoftworks.co.uk Why Are Girls Allergic To Mathematics Are Periods And Pain Chuddy Buddies Can A Girl S Virginity Be Told Why Do Women Love Bad, Bad Boys Why Women Call Sex, Making Love What Turns On Men Why Do Men Sleep Just After Having Sex Why Do Women Seek CommitmentFor The First Time Ever, All The Pieces Of A Girl S Life Come Together In An Incredible Revelation It Has Answers To The World S Most Need To Know Questions That Will Be Life Transforming For Any Girl Who Experience It.In This Practical, Humorous And Easy To Read Guide, One Will Get To Know The New Solutions, Since The World Is Shooting New Problems At Jet Speed.Full Of Funny Anecdotes And Fascinating Insights, It Has Things A Mother Never Shares It S A Girl S Bible, Which Contains The Secrets That A Babe Is Always Desperate To Learn.

  • Paperback
  • 250 pages
  • 21 Things Every Girl Should Know
  • Sneha Mehta
  • English
  • 24 July 2018

About the Author: Sneha Mehta

Sneha Mehta is the author of CHANGE YOUR LIFE which includes inspirational stories from 11 new age healers to the likes of Sri Sri Ravishankar Art of Living, Bejan Daruwalla Astrology, Trupti Jayin of Raaz Peechle Janm ka fame and so on The book delves into the world of therapies that are otherwise considered supernatural or controversial and is slated for a release in Oct 2013 by Random Ho

10 thoughts on “21 Things Every Girl Should Know

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    It has never been easy to understand women and their mindset No amount of research works on D day It has been a mystery which has been tried to solved upon many a times without any success The author in her second book has tried to correct few notions and myths regarding women and their behavior It s not a fiction book It is for real with scenarios and facts and case s...

  2. says:

    Highly recommended for every girl and also some gentlemen who want to have some greater clarity on how other gender thinks.

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    This book is definitely not to be judged by its cover don t let the pink designing with all things girly which I like btw fool you This is an excellent guide to women who want to understand their own sex, to men who have no clue about women I especially find it great that Sneha Mehta has written this guide with the Indian woman in mind From my experience there have been several books about the feminine psyche, but which cater only to Western readers Mehta covers girls women in her book by narrating the biological changes for the former , then moving on to social maturation for the latter The book does not demean or demonise the opposite sex infact, it opens u...

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    This book has come out of a distinct thought process If you are flexible enough to adapting to a different frequency,you ll resonate with it It attacks myths and clears the clumsy cloud of ifs and buts.It urge you to think.You will find this book challenging but always fascinating.The author has tried to breakdown hard scientific evidences to simple explanations to help you understand reality.And supplemented with actual facts and authentic events.The book welcomes you to the universe of girlhood A world that answers every question,small and stupid,with love and patience.A world that pull you out of your gender fatigue.We deserve a better life, a better world and ...

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    I received this book last month and was excited to review a non fiction for the first time And I was not disappointed Sneha Mehta s honest opinions and open minded solutions to problems every girl faces are commendable Wish her all the best in future You can read book review here 21 Things Ever...

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    Real facts writer has told in this book. Nicely written.

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    This is a brilliant book It s funny, it s mythbusting, it s hard hitting, it s harsh but at the same time it gently puts across all the things a girl needs to know in this age and time Its a must read for every girl who has grown up in India and being through all the stuff a normal Ind...

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    It was an OK read I breezed through parts I was too familiar with It was good to read about certain parts where mine and the author s point of view was on similar lines It is a must read for naive and the know it all girls who would be shocked to realise the reality is not all wha...

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    Verdict An Interesting Non Fiction book which every person should read As per the title, It clearly explains the facts about Girls mind and mood A well research book.Full Review

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    it was good but not really upto my expectation it could have been better

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