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Twisted Tales MegaMania Reading Twisted Tales MegaMania By Ujjwal Dey Chardonneret.eu FFJ Starts This Anthology With Back To Back Stories From Their Most Successful And Prolific Author, Chris Castle He Weaves Magic With Words The Emotions Sentiments He Brings To The Fore With His Human Tales Are Unmatched So Far In FFJ In All Its Years Of Existence So Two Of His Stories Start The Anthology Then Two Of His Stories End The Anthology.FFJ Discovered Many New Brilliant Writers In The Past Years Alexandra Burt, Ilan Herman, Aloysa, Rob Ambrose Emal Rustemi Have Brilliant New Pulp Tales That Will Make You Wonder At The Possibilities Of Fiction And How It Can Be Used To Map The Human Consciousness, Endeavours And Attitudes Andrew Bud Adams, Jon Paul Stracco And Nicholas Coriz Give Us Genre Fiction S Best.Sam S Kepfield Returns With A Historical Fiction James Newman Returns Too Lot To Name And Discover I Will Simply State That We Have 44 Spectacular Tales Awaiting Your Pleasure In This Book Bonus Includes Interviews With Legends Uwe Jarling And Mark SaFranko.

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    FFJ starts this anthology with back to back stories from their most successful and prolific author, Chris Castle He weaves magic with words The emotions and sentiments he brings to the fore with his human tales are unmatched so far in FFJ in all its years of existence So two of his stories start the anthology and then two of his stories end the anthology FFJ discovered many new brilliant writers in the past years Alexandra Burt, Ilan Herman, Aloysa, Rob Ambrose, Ilan Herman and Emal Rustemi have brilliant new pulp tales that will make you wonder at the possibilities of fiction and how it can be used to map the human consciousness, endeavours and attitudes Andrew Bud Adams, Jon Paul Stracco and Nicholas Coriz surprise us with passionate writing that adds to genre fiction s best FFJ recent favourite, Sam S Kepfield returns with a historical fiction saga that will warp your mind James...

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