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Die Intelligenz der Psyche PDF Epub Die Intelligenz Der Psyche By Artho Stefan Wittemann Oaklandjobs.co.uk This Psychological Book Called Soul S Intelligence Die Intelligenz Der Psyche Shows Reader New Perspective Of Human Soul Mr Wittemann, Who Is Inspired By C.G.Jung And By Mr Hal Stone And His Partner Sidra, Talks About A Group Of Different People He Calls Them Inner Voices , Who Actually Form Our Soul Sometimes We Know About Them, Usually We Don T They Affect Our Lives In Ways That Might Surprise Us And Of Course, They Can Make Our Lives Much Complicated The Basic Thought Behind This Soul Concept Is A Princip We All Know Very Well Atoms Form Molecules, Molecules Form Bigger Structures, These Structures Form A System Etc Systems Are All Around Us Our Soul Could Be A System, Too Mr Wittemann Tries To Find Structures , Molecules And Atoms That Form Human Soul.