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American Pub Trivia This Is Not Your Parents Trivia Book If You Are Easily Offended, Don T Buy This Book Move Right Along This Volume Of Trivia Questions And Answers Grew Out Of The Author S Desire To Find Trivia Questions That Were Both Challenging And Entertaining On Topics Pub Trivia Has Been Popular In The United Kingdom For A Quite Some Time, But This Book Is True American Pub Triviaso You Won T Find Tons Of Questions About Football And Trivia About Shows Broadcast On The BBC Pub Trivia Is Meant To Be Performed In Bars After 9 00 PM And To Entertain That Crowd And, Though Questions Might Be All Over The Map, From Book Learnin To Pop Culture, Music, And Movies And Everything In Between.that S The Attitude Brought To You In This Trivia Volume The Goal Is To Entertain, Amuse, And Also Be Informative If You Can Answer A Question About Two Girls One Cup, Or At The Very Least, If You Are Prepared To Learn What It Is, Then This Is The Trivia Book That You Have Been Looking For Be Warned.

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