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    If there is one thing that serves as a truly global context for religion and religions, it is neoliberal capitalism It is hence about time that somebody tackled the issue head on, and as such Martikainen and Gauthier s book is welcome First of a pair, this volume focuses on religion and the state in neoliberal times The three themes emerging are freedom of religion, securitisation, and welfare The chapters range from theoretical to historical and those combining theory with a country case with varying success While there are solid chapters by familiar names such as Jim Spickard and Lori Beaman, the red thread isn t always obvious and the three mentioned themes are not clearly spelled out always Most importantly, the book seriously lacks a critical edge With the exception of Agnes Chong s chapter on the securitisation of Muslim charity in Australia, neoliberalism is observed, but not tackled critic...

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Religion in the Neoliberal Age This Book, Together With A Complementary Volume Religion In Consumer Society , Focuses On Religion, Neoliberalism And Consumer Society Offering An Overview Of An Emerging Field Of Research In The Study Of Contemporary Religion Claiming That We Are Entering A New Phase Of State Religion Relations, The Editors Examine How This Is Historically Anchored In Modernity But Affected By Neoliberalization And Globalization Of Society And Social Life Seemingly Distant Developments, Such As Marketization And Commoditization Of Religion As Well As Legalization And Securitization Of Social Conflicts, Are Transforming Historical Expressions Of Religion And Religiosity Yet These Changes Are Seldom If Ever Understood As Forming A Coherent, Structured And Systemic Ensemble Religion In The Neoliberal Age Includes An Extensive Introduction Framing The Research Area, And Linking It To Existing Scholarship, Before Looking At Four Key Issues 1 How Changes In State Structures Have Empowered New Modes Of Religious Activity In Welfare Production And The Delivery Of A Range Of State Services 2 How Are Religion State Relations Transforming Under The Pressures Of Globalization And Neoliberalism 3 How Historical Churches And Their Administrations Are Undergoing Change Due To Structural Changes In Society, And What New Forms Of Religious Body Are Emerging 4 How Have Law And Security Become New Areas For Solving Religious Conflicts Outlining Changes In Both The Political Institutional And Cultural Spheres, The Contributors Offer An International Overview Of Developments In Different Countries And State Of The Art Representation Of Religion In The New Global Political Economy.