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    The True Story of Ned Kelly s Last Stand focuses on the infamous Australian bushranger Ned Kelly s last stand at the Glenrowan Inn and the recent archaeological dig at the site Author Paul Terry also gives a concise overview of Ned Kelly during his outlaw years and the ongoing debate about how he is viewed in public opinion a hero striking out against oppression or a cop killer.I first became interested in the story of Ned Kelly over ten years ago, after watching the 2003 film about his life starring Heath Ledger It was an interest that waxed and waned over the years but left me with a permanent soft spot for one of the most iconic Australians that has ever lived His life and personality or, at least his personality that emerged from the Kelly legend is on a par with the Australians at Gallipoli and the Eureka stockade To put it another way Ned Kelly is a vital part in the establishment of Australia s national and cultural identity.What, then, to say about The True Story of Ned Kelly s Last Stand Even though it s been than ten years since I ve read about Ned Kelly it was nice to have that knowledge brought back to me and remember the old debates and conspiracies However, I intend to review the book on its own merits and it doesn t quite live up the nostalgia it inspir...

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    This book tells the story of the Kelly Gang from an historical point of view The story is intertwined with details about of an archaeological dig of the site of the Glenrowan Hotel, which was the site of the Kelly Gang s last stand There have been many books, articles, and films about the Kelly Gang, and most particularly about their last stand at Glenrowan where the infamous armour was used A lot of those accounts rely on eyewitness stories and heresay, which makes it difficult to tell fact from myth The archaeological dig was performed in an attempt to put flesh on the historical account and weed out fiction The result is a worthy retelling of the Kelly story that provides balance than some previous accounts There can be no doubt that the Kellys performed criminal acts, but there is also no doubt that they, and their sympathisers, suffered badly at the hands of the police The deep mistrust between the two sides h...

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    There was ONE thing, and only one thing that an excavation of the Inn site could have usefully added to knowledge about the Siege was there a cellar under either of the two buildings This is because numerous nut jobs over the years have claimed to be Dan Kelly or Steve Hart , saying they survived the incineration of those two buildings by hiding in a cellar Definitively excluding the existence o a cellar could have been done at this excavation but it wasn t Nothing new was discovered, the Excavation was a huge publicity stunt and achieved absolutely nothing The Book hyperventilates and huffs and puffs about the excavation and is padded out w...

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    Combining my love for history and archaeology, this book tells the story of Adam Ford s archeological dig on the site of the Last Stand in Glenrowan.The chapters swing from the modern day telling of the...

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    Solid retelling of the the siege at Glenrowan, with a quick overview of the Kelly Outbreak that preceded it Gives new information to me on Annie Jones, the owner of the inn where the siege took place, before and af...

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    I really enjoyed the facts and speculations in this book I found the dialogue to jump around a bit and at times I had to read back a bit to figure out where I was Otherwise it was an interesting mix of archaeological checking vs story telling.

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    Interesting Easy read No great revelations, but emphasises how small an area the gunfight was fought over, and how tiny the inn.

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