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10 thoughts on “The Adventures of Dr. McNinja Omnibus

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    I just like to read about ninjas who are also doctors.

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    I Love Doctor McNinja.

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    If you read one book about an Irish ninja who became a doctor and fights zombies and Dracula, it should be this one, and not the other one, as it wasn t as good as this one.

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    Fun absurdist humor reminiscent of Bob Burden s Flaming Carrot, Shannon Wheeler s Too Much Coffee Man, or Steve Purcell s Sam and Max Dr McNinja works as a doctor, much to the disappointment of his family who are traditional ninjas There are adventures involving zombies, velociraptors, Paul Bunyan s Disease and Ben Franklin has a recurring role Ninja Dan, McNinja s father, has a most formidable ...

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    Totally hilarious and a pleasure to read The alt texts were amazing.

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    I don t know if I d recommend this one to people, mostly because what I d call comic gore shows up an average of at least once per chapter He s a ninja, and a doctor Both situations can involve a lot of blood But the writing is zany and excellent, and I love it when writers can skillfully combine absurdist humor with ...

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    Any book with Benjamin Franklin automatically gets at least three stars, and this book has clones of Dr Ben.

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    NOTE Most of the contents of this book is free on drmcninja.com Doctor McNinja is a book manga graphicnovel comic whatever you want to call it for fans of absurdist humor Everything in it is over the top, ridiculous, and tries to outdo itself in action at every possible moment It is absolutely hilarious The first book in the series or first three to 16, depending on how you count , the doctor McNinja Omnibus is not nearly as good as its successors, but is still excellent and a great place to start I will not spoil anything, but the story features a near immortal ninja who runs a pediatric clinic in a haunted forest He goes to get pizza with the resurrected Ben Franklin II, and winds up battling an army of druggie ninjas, zombies, and Dracula If this sounds remotely amusing to you, then Dr McNinja is for you Every moment is ostentatious then the last, and, weirdly, it works By making a character who is basically undefinable, motivated almost solely by revenge at first anyways , and winds up in the most insane situat...

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    I read this on the Internet when I was just out of high school I thought it was hilarious at the time, but was worried about how it might hold up when I picked this up Pirate vs ninja humor wasn t even THAT funny at the time Luckily, the jokes in this book are very rarely that surface level and I found myself laughing out loud somewhat regularly It seems to get a little loose and maybe too weird to hold a story together around the last section, but I m still glad I power...

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