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On the Muslim Question In The Post 9 11 West, There Is No Shortage Of Strident Voices Telling Us That Islam Is A Threat To The Security, Values, Way Of Life, And Even Existence Of The United States And Europe For Better Or Worse, The Muslim Question Has Become The Great Question Of Our Time It Is A Question Bound Up With Others About Freedom Of Speech, Terror, Violence, Human Rights, Women S Dress, And Sexuality Above All, It Is Tied To The Possibility Of Democracy In This Fearless, Original, And Surprising Book, Anne Norton Demolishes The Notion That There Is A Clash Of Civilizations Between The West And Islam What Is Really In Question, She Argues, Is The West S Commitment To Its Own Ideals To Democracy And The Enlightenment Trinity Of Liberty, Equality, And Fraternity In The Most Fundamental Sense, The Muslim Question Is About The Values Not Of Islamic, But Of Western, Civilization Moving Between The United States And Europe, Norton Provides A Fresh Perspective On Iconic Controversies, From The Danish Cartoon Of Muhammad To The Murder Of Theo Van Gogh She Examines The Arguments Of A Wide Range Of Thinkers From John Rawls To Slavoj Zizek And She Describes Vivid Everyday Examples Of Ordinary Muslims And Non Muslims Who Have Accepted Each Other And Built A Common Life Together Ultimately, Norton Provides A New Vision Of A Richer And Diverse Democratic Life In The West, One That Makes Room For Muslims Rather Than Scapegoating Them For The West S Own Anxieties.

  • Hardcover
  • 231 pages
  • On the Muslim Question
  • Anne Norton
  • English
  • 15 May 2019
  • 9781400846351

About the Author: Anne Norton

Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the On the Muslim Question book, this is one of the most wanted Anne Norton author readers around the world.

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    My brief thoughts on the book

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    Anne Norton s On the Muslim Question is a work that is both meaningful and necessary Her astute analysis provides us with wide field of vision of the way that West and Muslims interact with one another both inside and outside of the West Her ability to link problems of language and identity with surveillance and mass incarceration highlight the depth with which she has thought of the Muslim question, and what it ultimately means for the West in the ...

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    An intriguing but somewhat odd work by a political theorist at the University ofPennsylvania The approach is left of center, feminist, and sympathetic to Islam The author teaches both Muslim political philosophy and popul...

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    Great book and very easy goingMany time you ask yourself she is right, why didn t I think this way before A MUST READ

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    Didn t get into this one, something about the structure.

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    I really like this book For one, it shows that the world is very complicated, and how often we in modern life forget to take the long view both of the future and of the past We assume that Now is when values have been made, and there never were values before likewise, we often make the mistake of supposing that values are made Now and changed Now or never, that we cannot or will not or that it is impossible to wait for change because the future is guaranteed to be chaos, forgetting that we are someone else s future from the past, and in some ways that past person would be disappointed and in other ways they would be proud, and that is pretty much how everyone feels about everything and such is life But I digress.I don t take Norton s analysis of the fallacies of anti multiculturalism at face value, though, and here is why Someone so keen on the complicatedness of the world is primed to exploit that complication for their own sophistry I know that because I do it all the time And if you are acutely aware that all arguments are merely constructed frames that by necessity ignore certain parts of the world, and that everyone constructs their own world narrative by pulling together selected pieces of history or fact, you can do that same thing and use it as a tool very effectively I see Norton use her particular frame again and again to construct her arguments, and it is very effective and convincing But it also puts her at risk to be disregarded by opponents, since she...

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    In this book, Norton shows how the questions which arise against Muslims are actually highlighting much of the problems of the West Whether it is sexuality, equality, freedom of speech, democracy, and much , the West is facing a crisis, and Muslims are put under question that Much like the Jewish question before, the Muslim question is shaping modern Europe, and Muslims, though shaped by Europe, are simultaneously shaping it Past the Vienna wall, the question is not in whether Europe is Christian or no...

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    3.5 stars Interesting but kind of sloppily argued Does a good job though of highlighting some of the irresponsible and half assed anti multiculturalist tropes going around I m looking at you, Slavoj.

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    Re reading again An incredible, surprising, and unexpected book from a ivy academic.I really have to digest this one to write anything meaningful for a review.

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