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Nature In Towns and Cities The Latest In The New Naturalist Series Documents The Parks And Green Spaces Unique To Britain S Cities And The Wildlife That Has Flourished In These Habitats.Not Since Richard Fitter S Landmark Publication In 1945, London S Natural History Volume 3 In The New Naturalist Series Has There Been A Comprehensive Guide To Urban Natural History Since Then There Have Been Major Advances In The Conservation Of Nature In Our Towns And Cities, And There Is Even To Say About How Animals And Plants Have Adapted, In Varying Degrees, To Urbanisation.But This Is Not Merely An Exploration Of Natural History Within The Urban Environment David Goode Uses His Knowledge Of Urban Ecology To Describe The Range Of Habitats And Species Which Exist Within Urban Areas, And Shows How Our Understanding Is Being Applied To Encourage A Greater Variety Of Nature Into Towns And Cities He Illustrates How An Ecological Approach Can Be Incorporated Within Planning And Design To Create A Range Of Habitats From Tiny Oases To Extensive New Urban Woodland And Wetlands.

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    Plenty to enjoy and ponder here, I even learnt what a linear park is.

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    I ve had this book for quite some time, and I have kept picking it up and putting it down For me, that is usually a sign that it hasn t grabbed me but I m wondering whether it is me, or the book, or both In this case I think it is mostly me I m not that gripped by urban wildlife as a subject.I m interested in rural, for example farmland, wildlife than I am by urban wildlife Even though, I acknowledge, there is sometimes wildlife of interest in parts of our cities than parts of our countryside, and that is a view that is reinforced by reading this book.But there are a few niggles with the book itself First, it is a bit bird centric The author acknowledges his own personal interest and expertise in birds, but I d hoped for a slightly rounder overview not that there is anything wrong with birds, of course More about plants More about bats Second, it is quite London centric too Well , you might say, isn t everything but that s hardly an excuse This too is understandable as the author has worked with distinction in London for many years and is an expert on its ecology and wildlife I wonder whether the publisher prevailed upon the author not to repeat Fitter s Natural History of London but to attempt a wider canvass if so, I m slightly sorry they did I would have liked either a greater focus on London or a greater amount of information from outside the capital The book lacks a good assessment of the overall change in ecology of any city which I think the author could have...

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