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Cultivating Teacher Renewal Teachers Today Are Stressed Than Ever It Is Crucial That Teachers Develop The Tools Necessary To Keep From Falling Prey To The Potentially Destructive Effects Of Stress And Burnout Cultivating Teacher Renewal Guarding Against Stress And Burnout Offers The Antidote By Providing The Knowledge, Skills And Practices That Will Keep Teachers From Surrendering To Burnout Cultivating Teacher Renewal Is Evidence Based Presenting An Extensive Review Of The Abundant Research On Stress And Burnout Specifically Applying It To The Teaching Profession This Book Adopts A Comprehensive Approach Spanning The Fields Of Education, The Social Sciences, And The Neurosciences The Array Of Strategies Offered Will Help Teachers Become Stress Hardy To Stay In A Renewal Cycle By, Building Up Defenses Against Burnout, Successfully Negotiating The Emotional Terrain Of Teaching, Instilling New Ways Of Thinking And Behaving To Preserve Well Being, And Limiting Stress Exposure By Exercising Healthier Choices This Book Will Also Help You To Maintain A Work Life Balance And Develop Practices To Sustain Resilience And Optimism.

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