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    Genre Historical romance side note, I read somewehere that it was a romantic comedy but I didn t think this was an accurate description.Standalone series I think stand aloneCliffhanger view spoiler No hide spoiler

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    Jade Lee is a great writer and author The book started out decent and then I could not get into the read I wanted of the time period and there were things that did not add up Women wouldn t be openly talking about a mistress for the...

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    Yep, a trashy romance novel, but I did laugh out loud in a few places, which is rare for me lately Just fun characters.

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    Answering an urgent and unexpected summons from Lord Penworthy MP, Marcus Kane, Lord Chadwick, immediately goes to his townhouse on Grosvenor Square He is surprised to see his old friend in apparently poor health and in a state of considerable agitation Before he could inquire about the sudden emergency, the peace is broken by the sudden appearance of a diminutive streetwalker in a blaze of swirling color Marcus was taken aback at this guttersnipe in the library of his powerful and distinguished friend Lord Penworthy, instead of being outraged and mortified at the sudden interruption, was practically beaming at the sudden intrusion Lord Penworthy tells them both that an assassination attempt on William Wilberforce was narrowly thwarted Who was behind the attempt was still a mystery and he wants them to team up to hunt down both the perpetrator and whoever gave the order The two unlikely personalities would scour the hypogeal world of the London rookeries, to the highest echelons of society in search of leads What they find is much encompassing then either one of them could imagine.Set in 1807, the two main characters could not be different or further apart is the social spectrum My first impression is of Simon Templar, with a devil m...

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    Riveting AdventureKeeps you riveted to the expectation of the next scrape Fantine and Marcus find themselves in Expect the unexpected Funny, too

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    I actually read the Jade Lee Bundle Almost an Angel No Place for a Lady and wrote a combined review for both books you can find here on goodreads if you prefer that No Place for a Lady by Jade Lee is book 1 in the theme linked series The Regency Rags to Riches where a poor soul Rags is taken up and finds itself back in polite society Riches It place in the time of Regency England and shows the hardships of that period like life in the rookeries.When the lines between working class and the ton blur then it needs two exceptional persons to solve the mystery and save all of England Fanny is such a person and together with her forced partner Lord Chadwick she will rise above her station and show everyone what she is made of It helps that Lord Chadwick is such a handsome and nice man who also happens to possess some bright brain Together they will sneak through the slums and blow through the ton to find answers In the end, it won t be simple to stop an assassination, but when a Lady and a Lord work together nothing is impossible.Fantine or Fanny is 25 years old and her life wasn t easy until now, so she developed quite a sarcastic streak, which I loved and also some interesting personas to go with in the rookeries Both results in a lot of dark humour situations in this Novel and I m a fan of that.Nevertheless, Fanny manages pretty good, but then problems occur with Lord Chadwick popping up in her life He shows her possibilities for her and he...

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    This was one of those well, it s a freebie and I haven t read any romance books in a while, so why not reads Overall, it is much better than a lot of what s found in the genre but I must admit that I was not too much into the school ground antics pigtail pulling that Fanny and Marcus got into f...

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    Fantine Fanny Rat lives in the rookery, the rookeries being the slums of the city among the worst of the criminals She does her best to protect and feed the orphaned kids along the docks, all little hellions and don t mess with them kind of kids She s also the bastard child of an English politician, a man who never claimed her, never provided for her, and left her and her mother to their own wiles of support When she does introduce herself to her real political father he hires her to help him with certain investigation within the Parliament During one of these so called assignments she meet Marcus Kane, Lord Chadwick And wow, does the sparks ever fly.Marcus Kane, Lord Chadwick in line to be the next Earl of Chadwick is a handsome blond haired, blue eyed hunk of a package with his own demons After he and his brother involved in a spy investigation for the crown in France, Marcus loses his brother This is an loss that Marcus cannot forgive himself for He should not have left his brother to go it alone, it should have been him, but, it wasn t and now March is left to have to deal with the loss and the consequences of his actions.When he is called by a dear old friend, a member of the Parliament, Marcus go...

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    Our heroine, street urchin Rat Fanny also new member of the ton Fantine Delarive, and hero, Marcus Kane, Lord Chadwick, meet by request of Lord Penworthy to save the life of a Member of Parliment Mr Wilberforce whose slavery bill is due to pass With an threat to his life, Penworthy insists that Fantine and Chadwick work together as their search takes them not only through the slums, which Fanny knows inside and out, to the ballrooms of the ton, where Chadwick and his family preside Fantine brings Chadwick out of his doldrums after loosing his brother, and through their investigation, he discovers that she brings a excitment, adventure for life that he craves Although he at first wants her for his mistress, eventually he realizes that he wants much, much This book started off very slow for me It was hard to follow exactly where the author wanted to lead the reader However, the that is learned about Fantine, ...

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    A fun historical with a bastard child of a politician who grows into a spy for her father and is thrown into intrigue with a titled gentleman to stop a murder What distracted me There was some inconsistency in Fantine s character, from the beginning where she remarks how she knows Spanish, and yet when called upon to learn a foreign language French is concerned with applying herself Her spoken English jumps back and forth between cockney and cultured on a whim She went to a proper school, but dropped out, so how did she learn to fit in so well If she wasn t willing to apply herself, seems as if she wouldn t have made an effort to mimic her roles so...

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No Place for a Lady (The Regency Rags to Riches #1) Download No Place For A Lady The Regency Rags To Riches 1 Author Jade Lee Petrasrobert.eu The London Rookeries Are Slums, Rife With Criminals, And Shunned By The Upper Crust But Someone There Intends To Murder One Of England S Greatest Leaders, And Marcus Kane, Lord Chadwick, Will Follow Every Clue, Even Into The Bowels Of London S Underground But He Can T Find His Way Alone A Partner Is Required Fantine Fanny Delarive Is Perfect She Knows The Slums Better Any, Has Survived Its Labyrinth Alone For Years, And Knows Every Criminal Lurking In Every Dark Corner Then, The Investigation Detours The Pair Into The Bright Ballrooms Of The Ton And Fantine Fits In Here, Too Which Changes Everything Lord Chadwick Knows A Woman Of Fantine S Ilk Is Entirely Unsuitable For Him But She S Infinitely Exciting Than Any Well Born Lady He S Ever Met Now Much Than An Acquaintance With The Independent, Self Reliant Fantine Is Required And It Must End With Nothing Less Than Marriage.

  • ebook
  • No Place for a Lady (The Regency Rags to Riches #1)
  • Jade Lee
  • English
  • 21 April 2017
  • 9781614173496

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