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Ethel and Ernest: A True Story Utterly Original, Deeply Moving And Very Funny, Ethel Ernest Is The Story Of Raymond Brigg S Parents Marriage, From Their First Chance Encounter To Their Deaths Told In Brigg S Unique Strip Cartoon Format.Nothing Is Invented, Nothing Embroidered This Is The Reality Of Two Decent, Ordinary Lives Of Two People Who, As Briggs Tells The Story, Become Representative Of Us All The Book Is Also Social History We See The Dark Days Of The Second World War, The Birth Of The Welfare State, The Advent Of Television And All The Changes Which Were So Exhilarating And Bewildering For Ethel And Ernest.A Marvellous, Life Enhancing Book For All Ages.

  • Hardcover
  • 104 pages
  • Ethel and Ernest: A True Story
  • Raymond Briggs
  • English
  • 10 March 2017
  • 9780224046626

About the Author: Raymond Briggs

Raymond Redvers Briggs is an English illustrator, cartoonist, graphic novelist, and author who has achieved critical and popular success among adults and children He is best known for his story The Snowman , which is shown every Christmas on British television in cartoon form and on the stage as a musical.His first three major works, Father Christmas, Father Christmas Goes on Holiday both featu

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    1950 1960 says we ve got to be HIP What Just talk sense, Ernest We ve got to HANG LOOSE with the CATS Ernest Go to bed.You re overtired.I ll make the Cocoa You re a SQUARE baby Oh ErnestWhen will you grow up...

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    A short and charming story, written by the British author cartoonist Raymond Briggs in memory of his parents Ethel and Ernest, who both died in 1971 It s a very personal, heartfelt story of the lives of an ordinary British couple during the years 1920 1970 Although they have differing political views and many marital squabbles, they obvio...

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    I have read Briggs s silent picture book masterpiece, The Snowman, and seen an animated film based on it many times So I am glad to have read this rather different story about how Briggs imagines his parents s 43 years together It s a British working class marriage between a maid and a milkman, that became a Tory Labour house, though not ever very strained, politically or otherwise This is a loving tribute to his parents and also a cultural and social history of sorts, f...

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    This story is a memoir of Raymond Briggs parents living their lives in an extraordinary time What I enjoyed about this was that it was VERY British which of course connected with me and that they felt so normal This couple isn t famous or wealthy or anything too out of the ordinary, they just have to keep on getting by whilst the wars happen and technology changes and politics shifts all around them They...

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    This is the first book I ve read by Briggs and I m so glad I picked it up It s based on the story of Briggs s parents, their life in London from the 1930s until the the early 1970s When the book begins Ethel is a lady s maid cleaning a window and Ernest a milkman riding by on his bike They get to waiving to each other when he rides by and soon enough he s asked her to the movies As economic and political climates change and war comes and goes it becomes clear that they each have their own peculiar wisdom and short sightedness, and to see the world through their eyes and their bickering is a delight There is so much humor and tenderness in this book The love Ethel and Ernest have for each other is epic and perhaps even so given that Briggs is focusing on the mundane, every day stuff of life even during wartime Both Ethel and Ernest are on the old side for married couples in those days, I think, but certainly Ethel who is, I believe, in her mid to late thirties They want children and it takes them some time to have their first and the doctor tells them they will have to stop there And in this way the artist is born and a few years later sent to relatives in the country in order to stay safe from the bombing of London The absence of the author from the pages is intriguing to me, the way he keeps himself very peripheral to his own story and really focused in on his parents, their particular way of moving...

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    Briggs is a very famous British children s author, which I didn t realize until after I finished reading this graphic novel It didn t surprise me though, because the rich illustrations reminded me of books I d read as a child They were fabulous A tribute to his parents, this is their love story When they first meet in 1920s London, Ethel is in her mid 30s, and working as a lady s maid for a respectable upper class family Ernest is a spry milkman, who loses no time in asking Ethel out on a date As the decades go by, the two weather the social and technological changes that come their way They survive the depression of the 30s, World War II and the havoc it wreaks on Londoners, the economic downturn and rationing that follows, and the love generation of the 60s Ernest s commentary on world events is always related through the tidbits he reads out loud to Ethel from the newspaper Also discernible is Ethel s sensitivity to class distinction...

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    I ve always thought that the difference between British and American children s literature is that the British never sentimentalize childhood Dickens was rough on children, but they always came out fine in the end Roald Dahl was absolutely brutal Dahl s books are populated with unfortunate children who become wounded but wiser by their adventures, such as James and the Giant Peach, The Witches, and so on Lewis Carroll was certain rough on children, and the tradition carries on in such books as Neil Gaiman s Coraline on in the film Nanny McPhee, where children visiting their undertaker father at work never seem to mind the corpse on the table Which brings us to Ethel Ernest, a different kind of book It s the true story of Raymond Briggs parents, and his journalistic, colorful account of their life before he was born It s hard to imagine writing dispassionately, much less drawing objectively, about your own birth, your parent s view of your chosen profession, and especially, about their deaths Joan Didion did it well in The Year of Magical Thinking, but she didn t have to draw a picture of her father on his deathbed Even in C.S Lewis A Grief Observed, you can sense the tears falling on the page as he wrote.Perhaps dispassionate is the wrong word Let s just ...

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    Well that was poignant Ethel and Ernest follows the lives of Raymond Briggs parents throughout the decades, with each section divided into 10 year chunks The story opens when they first meet, Ethel is a ladies maid and spots Ernest on his bike he looks up and notices her at the window, and the rest, they say, is history Ethel leaves her job and they set up home together Whilst the story was heart warming and quite tender in places, I couldn t help but notice the political discrepancies between them Ethel was a Tory and Ernest was Labour My problem with this was how Ethel came across she came from a working class family she had about 8 other siblings and yet she looked down on what she referred to as commoners I understand that she wanted what was best for her son but too many people in this world try and forget their roots, and they re ashamed of them, when they really shouldn t be I am working class and I always will be I just feel that Ethel sometimes came across as someone who thought she was better than others which diminished the affinity I had with her.On the other hand, I loved Ernest he was a passionate man who liked to rub his wif...

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    This book is written by Raymond Briggs and it follows the true story of his parents It follows their lives throughout WWII and the very politically active world during that time and the changes they make, the sacrifices they make etc It has various artistic elements to it which are commendable in other words, I really liked the art style This was nice enough There is a very emotionally poignant side to itaccording to other people s reviews As far as I m concerned, this is a comic strip of a couple discussing ...

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    Short story about the author s parents We see a little bit of how they court, buy a home and build their dreams in it, how they form a family Apparently, the author s parents were already up in age when they met and married and his mom was only able to have one child or run the risk of dying if she were to attempt to have children There were some funny moments but I also didn t get a lot of the jokes, language, or historical references when they ref...

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