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Mikalos Grace (The Mikalo Chronicles, #1) Burying Her Wounded Heart In A Successful Career, Ronan Grace Had All But Given Up On Romance Then, Over Coffee, She Glances Up To Discover A Greek God In Grey Wool Mikalo Delis Young, Handsome, Charming, Hot And Rich Very Rich.Over Passionate Kisses And Blistering Sex, They Battle The Past Struggling To Forget, Learning To Forgive, Eager For The Future Together.But When Mikalo Considers Returning To Greece, His Soul Yearning For The Sun And Sand And Blue Skies Of Home, Ronan Wonders If Their New Love Will Be Strong Enough To Endure And How Much Will She Give Up To Be With The Man Who Awakened Her Heart, Taught Her To Trust, And Showed Her True Love

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    Why the one star The negatives just snowballed for me1 Mikalo s accent got excruciatingly annoying After so long, it made him seem unintelligent Why he was such a coveted employee to hire was beyond me Am I supposed to believe his business writing is impeccable when he couldn t even speak English properly My second name The name after my first Delis It is Delis And I am Mikalo Delis That is my name I m not one to down an accent, that s not exactly the issue the issue is making me wanna buy what this author is selling and that was a big fail I highly suggest trying out the sample Not sure how long it is, but it may be enough to convince you to steer clear 2 I didn t like ANY of the characters, especially the heroine Ronan was too dramatic From the jump, I pegged her as a nut case when she started spouting her feelings of love when absolutely nothing happened A week hadn t even passed when she was contemplating quitting her job to be with him UH,yeahno ONE Who says he wants to be with you TWO What the hell do you know about him THREE You ve known him less than a week, nutbag At the point she was contemplating all this, I didn t even find anything about him attractive Just because the author can tell me he s all that and a bag a chips doesn t mean I m a believer Also, I think their conversation had just consisted of him telling her he was applying for a job at her law firm and that he didn t wan t to bang the skinny girls that were ogling him at another table across...

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    Ronan Grace love the name, by the way is a successful, hard working lawyer who meets Mikalo Delis funny, insanely hot, sexy, rich and adorable, by chance over coffee Ronan, with her battered heart from a buried past, has given up on romance until she meets Mikalo This book is filled with plenty of scorching sex Just wow Several of the scenes were absolutely panty combusting and one particular scene still makes me flush and get hot when I think about it The banter between the two is remarkable and the dialogue flows smoothly and naturally.This author captured Mikalo perfectly His accent and speech was evident in the writing style and it was done so well that I could actually hear his voice and accent in my head as I read the words on the page Seriously, a guy with an accent is so sexy The inflections were captured such that it was surely like listening to someone who does not speak English as their first language It wasn t difficult to read, quite the opposite The subtle nuances genuinely brought the dialogue to life Mikalo s behavior and thoughts were romantic and erotic Trust was a big necessity for him I really liked how he was scripted, although I would have liked about him I want to get inside his head and get to know him We get some personal history on Mikalo but it seems there is so much to unwrap Same goes for Ronan I liked her character ...

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    I wanted to love this book I really loved the synopsis and thought that this would be a great read I was a bit disappointed and very confused at the end.Mikalo is a young and very wealthy greek man He went to college to become a lawyer which I question why he would do this with his family s wealthy and companies to run He is in the US seeing a job, which again is very odd becuase his family is in desperate need of his assistance with their businesses in Greece Why you ask was he seeking a position in NYC at a law firm My answer is I have no idea It was never really explained as to why he would be there and not assuming the role where he was needed most I did appreciate the passion he has with Ronan in the book but felt that it was all too fast and seemed too forced at times She has issues with trust and there is a particiular scene while it is very hot and se...

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    I have to say that it is hard for me to write this review and I m gonna keep it brief I had really high hopes for this book because the storyline was unlike any of the other romance books out there currently but it was just okay to meit wasn t horrible and it wasn t that great either The one good thing about the story was how you could sense Mikalo s Ronan s chemistry together and the sex scenes were HOT My favorite scene in the book was the park scene That being said there was also a scene that kinda threw me and I am in no means a sexually shy person but thi...

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    Ok first off Mikalo you are one sexy beast. This story was fantastic none of the characters danced around there feelings Mikalo came right out and told her which I believe Greek men are very much like that I loved how descriptive there love making was Especially with all the men in one scene holy hotness I m happy to have not read about lying and cheating and just read about true love trying to trust and let love into there hearts don t get...

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    wow i couldnt belive how fast i got into this book befor i knew it i was hooked and wanting i couldnt belive how swoon worthy Mikalo is it makes the book that much hotter im looking forward to seeing the story unforld even for the hot couple

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    Smoking hot, sexy story loved, loved Mikalo s Grace I want a Mikalo of my own I will never look at Rice Krispys the same way ever again Can t wait for Mikalo s Flame Please hurry Syndra 3

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    wow what can i say, loved this book as soon as i started reading it pictured the characters straight away and even found myself reading the book aloud in Mikalos Greek accent as the way his parts were written was brilliant Hot hot scenes and deffinate must read congrats to syndra

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    Really enjoyed it and i want to be Ronan what a lucky girl she is

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