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Practically Perfect Ebook Practically Perfect Dale Brawn Federicoscridel.eu Twisted Tales Of Killers Who Almost Got Away With Perfect Murders A Man Murders The First Four Infants He Fathers With His Lover, Then Tries Again With A Fifth Two Men Have Three Things In Common Each Commits What Seems Like A Perfect Murder, Each Marries His Victim S Wife Far Too Soon, Each Has An Overdue Appointment With The Gallows A Man Cuts Up The Body Of His Victim Into Little Pieces And Gets Away With The Crime Until He Slaughters Another Neighbour Six Years Later Practically Perfect Details The Crimes Of Killers Who Very Nearly Got Away With Perfect Murders, Including The Tale Of Marie Beaulne, Who Laced Her Husband S Food With Poison, Only To Be Found Out When A Priest Recalled Someone Else Dying That Way In His Village Each Tale Provides Specific Details On The Planning Of Each Murder, The Events Leading Up To The Discovery Of The Criminal, And The Results Of The Trial, Usually Resulting In An Execution.

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    I stopped reading this book after reaching page 88, as the main plot in the murder stories became repetitive The book didn t deliver to what I expected it to be Based on the title, I thought the examined murder cases would be some well planned projects, committed by genius criminals, who were hunted down by even genius detectives The cases examined in the book, however, are mostly from the early 1900s, committed in rural areas, by dull or insane people In each case, the murderers would stay free simply due to the lack of a vigilant police force or the lack of will to be involved on the part of the few surrounding neighbours.In many cases, the murderers would simply confess to their murder either right away or eventually, or go around and openly tell people they have committed a murder Practically perfect murders I think these are along the lines of lack of police in backwoods country Each case ends with a graphic description of the hanging of the convicted man After a few cases, the whole thing gets quite boring and repetitive Another thing I found thoroughly distracting and annoying is the way the names are used Each case has a handful of participants, introduced by the first and last names As the...

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    While factually accurate, the book read like a fact sheet, giving little life or color to the stories.

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    Read book reviews at Book Junkie Joint.Practically Perfect is a chilling reminder that the world isn t always rainbows and butterflies.After reading a substantial amount of fiction most notably contemporary romances , it s nice to clean my bibliophile palate by reading something brutal and preferably non fiction Hee This was where Dale Brawn s Practically Perfect came in It is a collection of real life murder cases where the murderers initially evaded the law but made a mistake along the way, which became the cause of their arrest.Truthfully, this isn t the first book I ve read about serial killers and psychopaths as I have previously read Evil Serial Killers by Charlotte Greig and The World s Most Evil Psychopaths by John Marlowe Let s just say that serial killers fascinate me so I when I had the chance to review this book, I did not hesitate to take the opportunity.What I like about this book is that it didn t color the murder cases with intrigue or mystery, or suspense It didn t dramatize the cases and claim them to be something they re not All it stated were facts, which I really appreciate because this book is like a summary documentation of the many murder cases in the 1990s.I ll have to admit that while the murder cases were intriguing, it became a little dragging by the middle of the book I struggled to finish it, and the only reas...

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    Canadian, almost perfect murderers were interesting to read It surprised me to see many had poor education and yet they outwitted the law for so long before getting captured.

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    Going to mark this one as read, DNF did not finish which is rare for me As I mentioned in my update, I expected this to be about murderers who almost got away with it, except for some small flaw or excellent forensics that tripped them up I guess I should have read the other reviews first This book is a series of short vignettes about brutal killers who got caught almost immediately some even confessed within hours with little work from detectives, attorneys, or anyone else There s no story here no determined investigator who refuses to give up, no evidence to be intricately examined, no mistaken identity, no frustrated prosecutor who finally convinces the jury on a cliff hanger The criminals are far from intelligent masterminds who plan everything to a T they are simply opportunistic or in the heat of passion Their stories ar...

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    This book is a lie It s not about practically perfect murders killers who very nearly got away Like the killer who surrendered to the police before they realized there had been a murder If it was only about the deceptive title but on ...