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Knowing Me, Knowing God PDF Epub Knowing Me, Knowing God Author Malcolm Goldsmith Bandcamptomp3.co.uk In Knowing Me, Knowing God, Malcolm Goldsmith Provides An Easy To Follow Introduction To The Myers Briggs Type Indicator As It Pertains To The Spiritual Life The Heart Of This Book Is A Spirituality Questionnaire And Its Interpretation In Connection To Spirituality The Intent Of The Book Is To Explore Ways In Which Persons Might Best Open Their Hearts And Minds To God Knowing Me, Knowing God Is A Valuable Resource For Retreat Leaders, Worship Committee Members, Spiritual Directors, Prayer Group Members, And Others Who Are Looking For Material That Help Them Focus On The Needs Of Their Community.The Spirituality Questionnaire Is Designed For Personal Completion As An Integral Part Of The Total Book It Can, However, Be Used In Small Groups To Stimulate Discussion.

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    I ve always been interested in personality types, and the Myers Briggs system has been my latest obsession This book is a great slant on how personality types can influence our perception of religion, specifically Christianity It s a short little book, so not really a good starting point for someone wanting to get a start on Myers Briggs Neither is it a particularly in depth look at the subject of type and religion But it ...

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    A useful book when thinking about spirituality from the Myers Briggs type point of view There s a spirituality questionnaire which I found quite thought provoking I wasn t sure where all the questions were going, but it did correctly give me my type INFJ The different chapters explore aspects of relationship to God, looking at why some people enjoy lively church services, while others prefer solitary retreats some need icons and candles to help them focus, others find them a distraction The explanations as related to the different functions thinking, feeling, sensing and intuition were a bit basic I felt them rather lacking in that they didn t really mention the significant differences between the Introverted and Extraverted uses of each But that s really my only gripe with the book The writer didn t give much time to anecdotes or stories, but then he...

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    10 2016 After reading Quiet by Susan Cain, I wanted to explore about the Myers Briggs personality types and worship spirituality This book had some interesting ideas but I disagreed with many of the authors conclusions I disagreed with the author s claims that introverts look for God within themselves, have an easier time praying, and are comfortable in church The idea that we need to ...

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    One of the weaker works I ve read on personality typing and the Myers Briggs indicator Goldsmith s versions of the various types are fairly different from others I have read, though this is not necessarily bad He focuses on how one s MBTI type functions in church, prayer, and broader...

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    Building on the Myers Briggs approach to personality preferences, Goldsmith offers helpful guidelines for nourishing one s spirit It s a quick and thoughtful read, but having a good grounding in Myers Briggs might be pivotal for maximum benefit.

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    Call Number 248 GOLChecked Out.

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    Uses Myers Briggs Type Indicator as a tool for exploring spiritual development Very interesting insights, definitely useful

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    This book could be helpful to seekers trying to find a worship style that is compatible with their makeup.

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    Good very interesting points made

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    A waste to time Threw it in the trash.

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