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Hostile Intent Clive Egleton, Britain S Leading Thriller Writer, Captures The Current Political Scene In This Post Cold War Thriller, Where The Rules Have Changed, Nuclear Menace Has Merely Gone Underground, And The World S Secrets Are Up For Grabs It Is Spring Of 1991 When A Minor British Official Trading Low Grade Information With Galina Kutuzova Who Appears To Be An Equally Minor Russian Informant Is Blown Up In A Neo Nazi Riot In Dresden To The British Government It Is A Small Affair, And Peter Ashton, A Mid Ranking And Always Dependable Agent, Is Asked To Arrive At The Acceptable Explanation That It Was A Random Accident But After A Nearly Lethal Trip To Leningrad And Moscow, Ashton Believes That The Suddenly Elusive Galina Has Defected To America And That Silencing Her Is High On The Russians List Of Priorities To Convince The British Foreign Office And The U.S Defense Intelligence Agency, Ashton Hatches A Plan That Puts Him At Extreme Personal And Professional Risk And At The Same Time Pursues Galina, Who Must Know Too Much To Have Fled So Far With Gut Wrenching Suspense And Clear Ringing Authenticity, Clive Egleton Tightens Suspense Like A Slipknot As American And British Agents Converge At A Rocky Mountain Safe House To Pay Back The KGB For Five Decades Of Hostile Intent.

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    Excellent Read Don t miss this first of many adventures of Peter Ashton s in an attempt to right the stupid thinking of SIS mismanagement Clive Egerton is master in his craft as a writer as well as presenter at RMA Sandhurst.

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    A slow start almost made me give up, but at the end Egletton had tied everything together as the story rushed to it s end.This is an end of the cold war thriller as the Soviet Union is falling apart and pulling it s troops out of Eastern Europe.

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    i want to read it but it doesn t work what me to do

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    NO offense but I think this book is pretty boringI don t really understand the storyline.

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