[ Ebook ] ➩ Carl Peters and German Imperialism 1856-1918 Author Arne Perras – Bassgrotto.co.uk

Carl Peters and German Imperialism 1856-1918 Carl Peters 1856 1918 Ranked Among Germany S Most Prominent Imperialists In The Bismarckian And Wilhelmine Periods In The 1880s He Emerged As A Leader Of The Colonial Movement And Became Known As The Founder Of Deutsch Ostafrika, A Region Many Germans Regarded As The Pearl Of Their Overseas Possessions In Nazi Germany He Was Revered As A Precursor Of Hitler And Ascended Retrospectively To New Glory As A Pioneer In The Struggle For Lebensraum This Scholarly Biography Examines Peters S Nationalist Agenda And Sheds Light On His Colonial Expeditions Into East Africa It Seeks To Explain How This Young Academic Who Had Written About Schopenhauer And Metaphysics Eventually Became A Skilful Agitator For A German World Empire.

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