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    I am so happy to have discovered Steve Jenkins books Not only are they informative but the illustrations are beautifully done These books are wonderful ones to introduce children to science and the world of nature Jenkins is the author of a multitude of great books.

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    Slap, Squeak Scatter How Animals CommunicateSteve JenkinsGrade 3Content Discusses the different ways animals communicate with one anotherThis is a good book for a teacher to read to a 3rd grade class The book can h...

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    Life Science

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    I didn t know that male spiders have to communicate to female spiders that they aren t prey that got stuck on the web Pretty pictures, as always.

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Slap, Squeak and Scatter: How Animals Communicate A Beaver Slaps Its Tail On The Water To Warn Other Beavers Of Approaching Danger A Mother Bat Returning To The Cave Can Locate Her Baby Among Two Or Three Million Other Bats By Using A Special Cry And The Male Hippopotamus Marks His Territory By Spinning His Tail And Scattering His Dung These Are Just A Few Of The Unusual Ways Animals Communicate With One Another This Beautifully Illustrated Work By Noted Author And Illustrator Steve Jenkins Describes Many Fascinating And Curious Ways Of Animal Communication.