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  • Audio CD
  • 10 pages
  • The English Girl
  • Daniel Silva
  • English
  • 21 June 2017
  • 9780062262974

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    Damn itI finished the book Now I must wait for the next I always enjoy reading about places I have been It also references my favorite book movieA Room with a View Overall a good read with the usual twists and turns, but lacking in the typical Allon antics, spyness, and restorations I was really hoping for in the English Girl Overall I recommend, but if you have not read the Gabriel Allon series by Silva, do not make this your first read in the series I began my obsessio...

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    Okay, this is it I m tired of reading bad fiction I bought The English Girl at the Las Vegas airport because I wanted something fun and fast to read on the flight home Wow, was I ever disappointed This book runs an appalling 520 pages about 200 pages too long and all of the pages are filled with clunky writing, uninspiring dialogue, woefully underdeveloped characters, and an incredibly convoluted holy shit can this book just stop already plot The further I traveled in this book, the less I liked it Madeline Hart, the English girl of the book s title, is vacationing on the island of Corsica She is a minor player in the British government but has the determination and intelligence to succeed One night she is kidnapped and a ransom demand is sent to Jonathan Lancaster, the Prime Minister of England the man she has been sleeping with PM Lancaster, wishing to avoid a scandal, calls in a favor that eventually leads to Gabriel Allon, the legendary Israeli super spy and Man Who Can Do No Wrong Even his work as an assassin is bathed in the glow of righteous goodness Allon reluctantly agrees to save this woman and his quest turns into an international thriller of bombastic and depressingly easy to guess proportions Five hundred twenty pages later, you basically want them all to die, but particularly the smug self righteous Allon.I m not going to put spoiler alerts in this review so if you have any desire to read this ...

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    Perhaps it s driven by nostalgia but I m surprised at how well rated this book is by other reviewers I feel a bit differently It had to happen sometime after 13 books with the same character, this is the FIRST in the series that seemed like a paycheck book to me.The Gabriel Allon series is one of my favorites which is odd considering most of what I read is outside of this genre I prefer scifi Gabriel s character has aged in the previous 13 novels so you cannot expect the character to react to situations in the same fashion as when he was younger Also, there are only so many times that a character can be brought back in for one job While I did find the character development to be interesting and the author does a pretty good job of explaining the backgrounders for other relevant characters that pop in to this particular storyline, the story itself was pretty predictable a first IMO after reading this series.G...

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    While all the Silva books tend to blend together in my memory, he has a great formula and sticks to it His formula as I see it follows these steps 1 Semi retired Israeli spy Gabriel Allon has sworn off spying and is engrossed in his 2nd career as art restorer.2 Someone from Allon s past asks him a favor to solve some international crime stop some international terrorist.3 Allon hems and haws, but finally agrees to do the work.4 Allon determines the source of the crime terror and vows personally to destroy them.5 Allon assembles a crack team to surveil, set up and take down criminals terrori...

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    Despite not really loving the previous Daniel Silva thriller I d read The Heist , I decided to give him another chance for two reasons first, The English Girl seems to be one of Silva s most acclaimed thrillers, so it had the best chance of being good and because when I was browsing audiobooks on my phone, this one popped up I was immediately at a disadvantage when I started this book, because The Heist takes place after the events of The English Girl Even though there weren t any serious spoilers for The English Girl, there are plenty of references to the case in The Heist, so right from the beginning I had a vague idea of where the plot was headed But Silva still manages to throw in some twists that I didn t see coming, so if you re reading the Gabriel Allon books out of sequence, you can still enjoy this one The plot here was definitely coherent than The Heist, which started out as a fun art caper and then turned into a dreary political thriller two thirds of the way in The English Girl, luckily, has enough of a p...

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    The English Girl is fun for the most part but the ending let me down.On the plus side, it has Keller returning And its written in the usual Daniel Silva style.On the negative side, it has a predictable plot and a poorly crafted ending.

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    It s hard for me to describe my feelings about Daniel Silva s latest novel, The English Girl It doesn t really fit the mold of other Gabriel Allon novels This one starts with Allon doing a favor for Graham Seymour of British MI 5, who is doing something for the British Prime Minister It seems the Prime Minister s mistress has been kidnapped The first thing Allon does is take on a partner, but not one of the members of The Office that he usually uses This time it s a professional assassin who once tried to kill Allon.Silva also writes the Allon character a little different than in previous novels Gabriel is a little full of himself I m Gabriel Allon, I only do big He also gives Allon a bit of a sense of humor Jews don t camp, Keller The last time the Jews went camping they spent 40 years wandering in the desert That quote makes my list of all time favorite book lines Halfway through the book the real Allon comes out and he decides he needs to go back to Moscow to continue looking for the kidnappers Those who are familiar with the series will know the danger with this decision It also comes with a personal price To get the sanction of the government of Israel for this mission, Gabriel has to promise Shamron that he will seriously consider becoming the head of The Office Again, long time readers will recognize the significance of this At this point all of Allon s merry band join him and the rest of the story plays out All in all it...

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    Daniel Silva is a rock star He s an intelligent writer, he has both intriguing plot development and engaging characters, his main characters grow and evolve and age , and he always leaves me ready for the next book To me, one of his core strengths is that even though his characters are set in the world of espionage, they don t succeed because of the latest gadget or technological wonder They use their brains, experience, wiles and then the gadgets They are good at what they do because of carefully honed skills, and that sets him apart from other writers who rely on superhuman heroes with rippled abs and talking watches I also like that his plots are well crafted, with enough detail to support the story but not so much that it appears he s trying to impress with his latest research those paragraphs that cause me to flip to the next page He seems to understand his readers interest in knowing just enough but not too much.If I were starting to read Silva for the first time, I d go back to...

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    An excellent story by an excellent author with an outstanding main character in Gabriel 10 of 10 stars

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    As I began to read about Madeline Hart, the girl who managed to rise above a troubled childhood to succeed in her career in Daniel Silva s The English Girl, I couldn t help recalling the story of the South African American actress and film producer Charlize Theron.Charlize grew up on her parent s farm near Johannesburg Her father was a violent alcoholic who physically abused and terrorized teenage Charlize and her mother Eventually things got so bad that Charlize s mother was forced to shoot and kill her husband to escape the attacks A few years later, determined to overcome the tragedies of her childhood, while fueled by a passion for dance, Charlize moved from home to seek work as a dancer She persevered and eventually landed a modelling contract which lead to film work She was a survivor who d overcome great personal challenges in order to live out her dreams of being in show business The English Girl, Madeline Hart also grew up amidst troubled circumstances, including what Silva describes as a, dreary council house in Essex, a father who left when she was so young she could scarcely recall what he looked like and a brother, a perennially out of work alcoholic Despite these early hardships, Madeline was accepted to, and graduated from University of Edinburgh Armed with degrees in economics and social policy, sh...

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The English GirlSeven DaysOne GirlNo Second ChancesMadeline Hart Is A Rising Star In Britain S Governing Party Beautiful, Intelligent, Driven By An Impoverished Childhood To Succeed But She Is Also A Woman With A Dark Secret She Is The Lover Of Prime Minister Jonathan Lancaster Somehow, Her Kidnappers Have Learned Of The Affair, And They Intend To Make The British Leader Pay Dearly For His Sins Fearful Of A Scandal That Will Destroy His Career, Lancaster Decides To Handle The Matter Privately Rather Than Involve The British Police It Is A Risky Gambit, Not Only For The Prime Minister But Also For The Operative Who Will Conduct The Search.You Have Seven Days, Or The Girl Dies.Enter Gabriel Allon Master Assassin, Art Restorer And Spy Who Is No Stranger To Dangerous Assignments Or Political Intrigue With The Clock Ticking, Gabriel Embarks On A Desperate Attempt To Bring Madeline Home Safely His Mission Takes Him From The Criminal Underworld Of Marseilles To An Isolated Valley In The Mountains Of Provence To The Stately If Faded Corridors Of Power In London And, Finally, To A Pulse Pounding Climax In Moscow, A City Of Violence And Spies Where There Is A Long List Of Men Who Wish Gabriel Dead.From The Novel S Opening Pages Until The Shocking Ending When The True Motives Behind Madeline S Disappearance Are Revealed, The English Girl Will Hold Readers Spellbound It Is A Timely Reminder That, In Today S World, Money Often Matters Than Ideology And It Proves Once Again Why Daniel Silva Has Been Called His Generation S Finest Writer Of Suspense And Foreign Intrigue.