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Pathfinder Online The UpcomingPathfinder Online MMO Will Put YOU In Command Of Your Very Own Kingdom In The Treacherous River Kingdoms Of ThePathfinder World Get An Early Start On Conquest With Pathfinder Online Thornkeep, A Complete Gazetteer Of One Of The Upcoming Game S Starting Towns And The Deadly Dungeons That Sprawl Beneath It A Co Production Of Video Game Developers Goblinworks And Paizo Publishing, This Fully Illustrated Adventure Sourcebook Slots Easily Into Any Pathfinder RPG Campaign, And Provides A Tantalizing Glimpse At The Early Production Of The Pathfinder Online MMO, With Behind The Scenes Accounts, Sneak Peeks At Characters And Environment Images, And New Details About The Upcoming Game Thornkeep Also Includes Complete, Original Dungeon Levels Designed By A Who S Who Of Adventure Design Richard Baker, Jason Bulmahn, Ed Greenwood, James Jacobs, And Erik Mona With Enough Gaming Material To Advance A Character From 1st To 8th Level, Thornkeep Brings The Action And Excitement Of The Pathfinder Online MMO To Your Tabletop

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    Being one of the backers for the the Pathfinder Online tech demo project that gave birth to this book, I had really high expectations as to what the book would contain I must say I was not disappointed It appears the book has three distinct parts a part in which Thornkeep and its surroundings are described, a part with five different dungeon crawls where characters can adventure, and, a last part in which the Pathfinder Online project is described in details.The first part describing Thornkeep is a very rich source into which GM can dig to find inspiration The town itself is inhabited by an interesting mix of or less honorable people, each having its own interests in Thornkeep While you get the feel that there is a kind of loose organized order to the town, you also feel that things may get bad very fast if the fragile order is disturbed In that sense, players can have a great impact on the community and become major members of the community if they wish to be The surroundings of Thornkeep also have a lot of interesting locales that can be used by GMs and players alike, to great advantage That part is not only made up of descriptions, but it contains hints and subtle suggestions of adventure quest ideas That was the best part of the book in my opinion.The second part of the book focuses on five different dungeon levels Each level has a different flavor and some of the rooms inhabitants tie in with quests that can be discovered while v...