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  • Paperback
  • 224 pages
  • Blind to Betrayal
  • Jennifer J. Freyd
  • English
  • 01 October 2017
  • 9780470604403

10 thoughts on “Blind to Betrayal

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    I m keep this short and sweet It s a great book for anyone to read It s written so that even readers that are not in the psychology field can understand it s message I feel that it can bring to the surface many of our own behaviors as well as bring to awareness how we may treat people in ways that may continue to effect them If you interact with people you should read this book If...

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    I had the good fortune to read this book in manuscript form, and to have begun to integrate the authors ideas into my work already If you ve ever been betrayed, if you ve ever ignored yourself being betrayed, then reading this book will illuminate those experiences for you, and empower you to stop betraying yoursel...

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    i find that the public facing work of research psychologists is usually pretty bad this is true even when i really admire the underlying research project it just usually feels like they ve taken a cool insight and then lost most of what s deep and illuminating about it by trying to explain it in such a way as to get through to the dumbest person in any given HR department or it s just a paper length insight, stretched out to book length for the sake of selling books.this is a rare exception every chapter is deep and vital the reader is never condescended to some of what JF has to say will be familiar to anyone who just, like, went to women s college or whatever, but even such a reader will learn things she didn t know, and remember important things she has forgotten and for the reader who hasn t thought much about the psychology of intimate abuse and assault, i think it could be truly revelatory where it s a cool read for anyone is in its treatment of that bonkers fact of human life simultaneously knowing and not knowing the hard truth freyd really gets into the weeds of the psychic and cognitive mechanisms at work here and where it would be especially good for some people, i think, are the sections in chapter five i want to say maybe four or six that talk about the psychology of third party disbelief of victims, which is just essential reading in a post metoo world and unlike EVERY OTHER BOOK i ve read in this genre, the case histories ar...

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    Whew This is a heavy read but an important one to understand betrayal blindness which can take many forms from spousal betrayal to betrayal children experience to being betrayed in a racial setting, natural disasters, etc Very broad, deep subject matter, but expand...

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    Important, eye opening book, about the dynamics of power, betrayal, denial, and self protection that go on in important relationships how we learn to adapt to avoid pain and how we can re learn to trust our truth and identify betrayal for what it is I highly recommend it.

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    Amazing book.this book should be a required read for clinicians, students, survivors It delves into the very core of why and how traumas affect each and every one of us and how we can heal There is a great mixture of scientific research and stories from real people.

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    Blind to Betrayal is an insightful read, both as a medical professional and human being Dr Freyd has allowed me to give a name to ideas I could previously not put into words, which has been helpful in my own understanding of prior traumatic experiences and healing of old wounds This book is a must read for anyone in the medical field, as we are responsible for helping patients heal as humans and not just ailing bodies While understandable by anyone, even those outside of academia, Freyd discusses research in her field and contextualizes some of the problematic views we have adopted in our collective understanding of sexual physical victimization and how that ultimately carries over to the way we treat patients suffering from mental illness On a global level, Blind to Betrayal also allows us to cont...

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    Thought provoking and insightfulI found this book to be extremely thought provoking and helpful in realizing I have had multiple levels types of betrayal blindness Through the examples given, I was able to document areas in which I faced betrayal in which...

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Blind to Betrayal One Of The World S Top Experts On Betrayal Looks At Why We Often Can T See It Right In Front Of Our FacesIf The Cover Up Is Worse Than The Crime, Blindness To Betrayal Can Be Worse Than The Betrayal Itself Whether The Betrayer Is An Unfaithful Spouse, An Abusive Authority Figure, An Unfair Boss, Or A Corrupt Institution, We Often Refuse To See The Truth Order To Protect Ourselves This Book Explores The Fascinating Phenomenon Of How And Why We Ignore Or Deny Betrayal, And What We Can Gain By Transforming Betrayal Blindness Into Insight.Explains The Psychological Phenomenon Of Betrayal Blindness , In Which We Implicitly Choose Unawareness In Order To Avoid The Risk Of Seeing Treachery Or InjusticeBased On The Authors Substantial Original Research And Clinical Experience Carried Out Over The Last Decade As Well As Their Own Story Of Confronting BetrayalFilled With Fascinating Case Studies Involving Unfaithful Spouses, Abusive Authority Figures And Corrupt Institutions, To Name A FewIn A Remarkable Collaboration Of Science And Clinical Perspectives, Jennifer Freyd, One Of The World S Top Experts On Betrayal And Child Abuse, Teams Up With Pamela Birrell, A Psychotherapist And Educator With 25 Years Of Experience.

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