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The Rings of Allah Rogue KGB Officers Find Five Soviet Nuclear Test Devices And Sell Them To Al Qaeda Al Qaeda Jihadists Mohammed And Ralph Eid Devise A Plan To Hide Them In American Cities To Be Bin Laden S Grand Finale After 9 11 Bin Laden Goes Into Hiding And Mohammed Takes The Operation To Iran Who Authorizes It, Starts A Worldwide Jihad, And Establishes The New Caliphate Retired Air Force Major General Alexander Must Stop The Plan If He Can.

  • Paperback
  • 562 pages
  • The Rings of Allah
  • Lee Boyland
  • 04 March 2019
  • 9781621418054

About the Author: Lee Boyland

Lee Boyland earned a degree in nuclear engineering, and a commission as a second lieutenant in the U.S Army After graduation, he entered active duty as an officer in the U.S Army Ordnance Corps A graduate of the U.S Navy s Explosive and Nuclear Ordnance Disposal Schools, Boyland was assigned to the Defense Atomic Support Agency in Albuquerque, NM A member of DASA s Nuclear Emergency Team res

10 thoughts on “The Rings of Allah

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    Couldn t finish this Too icky, right wing all Islam is bad garbage.

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    Wow, Lee Boyland has put the techno in this techno thriller, The Rings of Allah This is an incredibly fact detailed book about the importing of old Soviet A bombs into to the US by al Qaeda to destroy five major cities and that is the simplified version With Boyland s rich work history, he was able to knock this out of the ballpark There are times where the detail gets a little overbearing, but fear not, you will be staying up late as you get towards the conclusion of the book Not the conclusion of the stor...

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    Good story that makes you think Long and slow in a few places.

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    SummaryObviously written by a military individualHardly a compound sentence in the bookObviously no proofreading page 245 has 3 errors Certainly a waste of money

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    MWSA Award Winning Novel

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