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10 thoughts on “The Dong with a Luminous Nose

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    You must have a child s heart of silliness for maximum enjoyment The poem lies under the category nonsense, and the nonsense would make a child laugh A man meets a girl with blue hands and green hair, a...

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    And since that day he wanders still By lake and forest, marsh and hill, Singing O somewhere, in valley or plain Might I find my Jumbly Girl again For ever I ll seek by lake and shore Till I find my Jumbly Girl once The sadness of the story is heavier than the nonsense of the rhym...

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    Oh Gorey, Gorey where would we be without you Your love of words, your sense of humanity s ridiculousness You mock everything with exactitude and art You make us laugh at ourselves And you are a dang fine poet you and Lear both.

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    Okay, but something about this writing makes me wary Can t really picture reading this to a kid in this day and age dong is far too antiquated a slang term with too much loaded meaning now.

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    This is a weird, sad poem about a man creature Dong who lost a love Jumblies arrived where the Dong lived, and he fell in love with a girl, but she left, so he was left trying to find her That is where the sense of it is, as the rest is basically nonsense The artwork is fantastic, the rhymes are fun, but I don t think I can really appreciate its value until I read it to my daughter one day As it stands now, it s a silly nonsense poem that was only so...

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    Then, through the vast and gloomy dark,There moves what seems a fiery spark,A lonely spark with silvery raysPiercing the coal0black night, A meteor strange and bright Hither and thither the vision stays, A single lurid light.

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    I had not read Lear s text before Gorey s treatment of it, so I was rather surprised at the story Gorey s illustrations and most of all his hand lettered text really do have the ability to draw a reader into a different time and place Memorable

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    the Gorey illustrations are excellent.

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The Dong with a Luminous Nose KINDLE The Dong With A Luminous Nose Edward Lear Airdomains.co.uk If You Know The Story Of The Jumblies, That Happy Go Lucky Clan Of Sailors In A Sieve, Then You Ll Be Eager To Learn Of Their Saga In This Charming Love Story Poem, Penned By The Master Of Nonsense Verse, Edward Lear English, 1812 1888 , And Illustrated By The Master Of Brilliant, Offbeat Images, Edward Gorey American, 1925 2000.As It Turns Out, The Jumblies Made At Least One Stop During Their Long Journey, And There, On The Hills Of The Chankly Bore, A Passionate Relationship Was Born Between A Jumbly Girl And The Dong The End Of The Story Is Sad But Sweet, And It Stars A Nose That Can Light Up A Forest, Light Up The Sky The Dong Is Some Kind Of Hero, Certainly, And He Can T Help But Win Our Hearts With That Protuberant Proboscis Of His The Dong With A Luminous Nose And The Jumblies Also Published By Pomegranate Communications Present Two Of The Most Finely Rendered Suites Of Drawings Ever Created By Edward Gorey With Edward Lear S Irresistible Verses, The Books Are Timeless Classics To Be Enjoyed Through Generations, By Children Of All Ages, Four To Eighty Four.Text By Edward Lear Illustrated By Edward Gorey 48 Pages With 22 Black And White Illustrations Smyth Sewn Casebound Book With Jacket Size 8.5 X 6 Inches.