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Queen of the Scene Epub Queen Of The Scene Author Queen Latifah This Little Ruler Of The Playground Has Got Game Basketball, Stickball, Jump Rope, Soccer There S Nothing She Won T Try And Watch Out, Boys, Because She S Representing All The Ladies And Has Girl Power To The Max.Queen Latifah, The Grammy Award Winning First Lady Of Hip Hop, Teams Up With The Caldecott Honor Artist Frank Morrison In A Celebration Of Spirit And Pride.Ages 3 8

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    Written and rapped on a provided CD this book is heavy on rythym, rhyme, and repetition Queen is a precocious little girl who is good at any sport and ready to challenge boys and girls to keep her title.The illustrations could be used as an example of perspective, s...

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    This book comes with a CD recording of Queen Latifah rapping the book So cool I loved the pride and encouragement this book gives to young girls and boys for that matter It is all about being brave in any situation life gives you This would be a book I would share with my young girl students struggling with self confidence or courage A good book to connect to the arts as well It would be fun for students to read the book and perform it themselves and compare their performance to that of This book comes with a CD recording of Queen Latifah rapping the book So cool I loved the pr...

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    Who knew Queen Latifah had a childrens book I sure didnt I loved the bold and bright illustrations, and the main character is just as bold and bright This book is empowering for young girls, and it proves that girls can excel in anythin...

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    Awesome, enjoyable, empowering, and something I plan to incorporate into my classroom It seems like it would be a great way to teach phonemic awareness to older kids And I just love the positive message.

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    A cool book of girls in sports and the celebration of girl power, and who better than the Queen of Rap Ms Latifah to write this one It makes sense All hail the Queen and show some respect, not just for Latifah, but for girls everywhere, and let s honor girls and women everywhere

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    I personally do not like books that put emphasis on one character being better than everyone else Instead of focusing on being equal Queen Latifah focuses on if your not first your last motto The main girl seems to beof a bully than a good representation of women.

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    I like the idea that girls can stand tall and be the best if they believe in themselves, but I m not sure this book by Queen Latifah does that To me, it feels like a brag book about a girl who is the best at everything

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    My students enjoyed the CD that accompanied the book It made it a different experience for them I like the deeper meaning about always trying your best and that there was an African American girl as the main narrator.

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    This is a gril who is all about her she is better then anyone and she is really cool this is my favorite children s book.

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    This one resonates with me I was a bit of a queen of the scene or so I thought growing up I love the swag, flow, and zest for life that she has Go ahead, Queen I loved this one

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