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Shabbat, The Right Way How Do Rabbis Arrive At The Answers To Questions Rabbi J Simcha Cohen Provides Both The Answers To Questions On Shabbat Observance And A Look At The Process By Which The Answers Are Derived He Also Analyzes Contemporary, Controversial Shabbat Issues Such As The Possibility For A Shabbat Bus, Women S Cosmetics, And The Building Of An Eruv According To Rabbi Cohen, Halachah, The Distinctly Unique Jewish Legal System, Crystallizes The Guidelines Of Judaism It Makes Us Into Jews And Marks Us As Jewish As Such, An Understanding Of The Halachic Process Provides Insight Into The Inner Soul Of Jewish Life Itself There Are Many Books That Address Questions Of Shabbat Observance Shabbat The Right Way Differs In That It Provides Definitive Direction As Well As Openly Sharing The Analysis For The Person Seeking To Understand Jewish Law, This Book Offers The Opportunity To Learn Why Jews Do Certain Things For Those Already Familiar With Halachah, This Book Will Serve As A Springboard For Deeper Study, And All Readers Will Come Away With A Sense Of What Is At The Heart Of Judaism.

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