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Pathfinder Campaign Setting: Inner Sea Bestiary This Book Contains Dozens Of New Monsters Found In The Inner Sea Region All Invented Specifically For The Pathfinder Campaign Setting Some, Like The Gearsmen Of Numeria Or The Moth Like Star Monarchs Who Serve The Goddess Of Dreams, Have Been Mentioned Many Times In Pathfinder Campaign Setting Books, But Others, Like The Alien Vespergaunt Or Rahadoum S Desert Dwelling Whirlmaws, Have Only Been Obliquely Illustrated Or Mentioned Before And Some Like The Mysterious And Ancient Veiled Masters, And The Disturbingly Alluring Fungus Queen Make Their Appearance For The First Time In Print After Debuting In Paizo S Office Campaigns.The Inner Sea Bestiary Explores Some Of Golarion S Most Unique Monsters Inside This Book You Will Find New Monsters Ranging In Challenge Rating From 1 3 Such As The Mysterious Syrinx To 25 The Powerful Infernal Duke Lorthact Three New Monstrous Templates The Exotic Mind Draining Vetala Vampire, The Blighted Fey Of Fangwood, And The Twisted Mutants Of The Mana Wastes Five New 0 Hit Die Races Ready For You To Customize As Villains Or Playable As Characters If That Suits Your Particular Game Beings Both Benevolent And Destructive 48 In All Ready To Challenge Adventurers In Any Pathfinder Game Cover Art By Tyler Walpole

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    This is a very useful resource to add flavor to any campaign I really like that each entry is associated to a region on Golarion Many creatures are really interesting and I especially like the Apostasy Wraith There are a few high level monsters that seem pretty strong, even for characters who would be of a level high enough to confront them, but I would have to see how it goes if that ever happens.I recommend this resource to any GM looking to pres...

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    Another great anthology from Paizo, though my only complaint is that they didn t wait to compile a complete bestiary before publishing This book contains some excellent additions to Golarion s lore.