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Silent Voice Silent Voice Free Author Peter Mutanda Nature Explore.eu Peter Mutanda Is An Artist And Cultural Activist Whose Works Are Inspired By His Day To Day Life Experiences, From His Humble Beginnings In Zimbabwe To Living In The USA And Europe His Poetry Raises Awareness Of Maladies Ravaging The Lives Of The Poor And The Corruption Committed By Elitist Members Of The Big Society He Also Questions Racial Bigotry And Explores The Current Global Political And Social Turbulence Includes The Poems 1 Silent Voice2 Is The War Over Yet 3 Grandparents4 Unwritten Commandments5 The Moments Of London 2012 Olympics6 Dead Yester Years For Dambudzo Marecehera 7 Ours, Their Interest8 Mourning A Loved One9 The Real Heroes And Heroines10 Soul Mates And Soul Connections11 There Shall Be Riots12 Different Worlds In A World13 So If 14 These Legacies Shall Live On15 Endless Summits16 Ours Unconditional17 Beware Of Judas Juntas18 Lost Friend19 Jairos Jiri, The Fallen Hero20 Africa Harambee

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