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The Story of Doctor Dolittle: Being the History of his Peculiar Life at Home and Astonishing Adventures in Foreign Parts Download The Story Of Doctor Dolittle Being The History Of His Peculiar Life At Home And Astonishing Adventures In Foreign Parts Hugh Lofting Capitalsoftworks.co.uk

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    The Story of Doctor Dolittle Doctor Dolittle, 1 , Hugh Lofting, Leon Jason 1977 1355 105

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    Oh dear How many of you have seen the 1967 film, or the Eddie Murphy remake, and remember this adorable childhood classic about a kindly English doctor who talks to animals How many of you have actually read the book and know that it was really, really racist I mean, whether you want to excuse it for the time it was written 1920 is up to you, and racism aside, it s quite a charming book with the sort of story any child would love A nice doctor who talks to animals And they go to Africa and save all the monkeys And then they fight pirates Dr Doolittle talks to everything from dogs and pigs and mice to sharks and parrots and eagles and a two headed Tibetan Pushmi Pullyu Yes, the story was charming I listened to it because it was another one of Audible s free downloads and I needed something to listen to while gardening.However, I think before I d read this aloud to my child, or allow a child to read it, I d want to have a talk about the n word And all the other words for black people that are used in this story And the subplot about the...

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    If the only version of Dr Dolittle you know is Eddie Murphy s you don t know Dr Dolittle Even if you ve see the Rex Harrison musical, if you haven t read the book, you don t know Dr Dolittle.Small, tubby, and shy, Dr Dolittle is a brilliant doctor whose love of animals loses him his human patients But after his parrot Polynesia teaches him to speak animal languages,the Doctor becomes famous in the animal world, and travels across the world and even to the moon In this first book, the Doctor and his pets sail to Africa to save the kingdom of monkeys from a plague Be warned, there is an African prince who is depicted as childlike, and wants nothing than to be a white man And yes, other Dolittle books feature childlike Africans to whom the Doctor gets to teach civilized ways Yes, it s offensive But my politically correct before it was hip to be politically correct mom read these to me back in the gulp 60s, and I loved th...

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    Listened to this in the car The kids loved it

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    Yikes So much racism And not subtle, social racism, either not the kind we can ignore or dismiss as unwitting symptoms of their time This is flat out explicit use of three of the most offensive words I ve ever encountered By the protagonists And they re sincere And we re not supposed to dislike them for it Each time, I nearly put the book down, but was convinced that people had recommended it to me for a reason As it happens, I m now pretty sure all the people who recommended it to me had not read it in a loooooooooooooooooooooooong time I understand that children often don t pick up on racist, sexist, etc things, but these Yikes How could you not Up until those scenes, I had quite enjoyed the book but afterward, I only finished it because I felt like I needed to give it a shot Those are what I will take away from the book.Interesting Note I had never heard the word coon used as a racist epithet until I watched Remember The Titans in 2003 Where and when I grew up, that word was only a shortened form of raccoon and it saddens me that when I hear it as an adult, my brain now first registers it as a horrible racist term I m afraid to say coon hunting or coon skin cap because of the terrifying images they evoke If I had read this book as a child, I suspect its use in this book would have utterly baffled me given that it I...

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    This book made me fall in love with books and reading 3

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    Beautifully illustrated and revised I presume anyone reading the reviews already is familiar with the storyline of Dr Dolittle I highly recommend this version with only a slight reservation see below because its illustration and editing would make an excellent introduction to children as well as a gift possibility and a lifelong keepsake I heartily disagree with the reviewer who discredits this edition because it has been updated to modern civilities The reviewer mistakenly suggests that the edition conceals that changes have been made To the contrary, the foreword fully describes the editors concerns for literary sensitivities as they made changes If your purpose is to collect unabridged books, do shop elsewhere But if you share my intent of introducing this wonderful story to children, this book serves the purpose very well There is minimal distraction from unnecessary anachronisms I think this edition would serve children well through elementary school I would nominate unabridged editions for older children to help teach them about society s changing attitudes towards racism My slight reservation mentioned above about this edition is that racial stereotypes do persist In Africa, the white doctor is referred as the good man while the African king is unjust, his son is goofy, and both the king and his son ...

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    I was never a big fan of the movie, but I can t deny that Dr Dolittle still retains some hold on the popular imagination Audible offered this particular edition as a free promotion this summer, which I thought was an excellent excuse to listen to this classic with my children on a road trip I was aware of some accusations of racism going into the listen, so we had a little chat before pressing play Things were relatively fine until our heroes got to Africa At that point, though, my wife and I dropped our collective jaws at the diverse usage of racial ephithets, and at the storyline that involves an African prince wanting to become white so he can win the fair princess To a modern audience, there is simply no excusing this.Moreover, I didn t even find the story that enjoyable, and neither did my children There are some quality lessons such as the need to actually listen to the needs of others, as exemplified by Dr Dolittle taking the time to learn to talk to animals but the narra...

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    Nice story about a Dr that can talk to animals I always thought that if I just could listen very carefully, my dogs and cats would talk to me Sadly it never happened, but it still could one day D

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    Have you read any of the Doctor Dolittle books I have now read three The Story of, The Voyages of, and Doctor Dolittle s Post Office All were surprisingly fun WAY better than the old Rex Harrison movie for those of you who also thought it too long and boring as a kid And I m not big on animal stories either, but found these to be engaging and full of wit, and not just about the animals but about the Doctor too A good family read aloud Here s an interesting little excerpt about how Hugh Lofting came to write the series During World War I he left his job as a civil engineer, was commissioned a lieutenant in the Irish Guards, and found that writing illustrated letters to his children eased the strain of war There seemed to be very little to write to youngsters from the front the news was either too horrible or too dull One thing that kept forcing itself and upon my attention was the very considerable part the animals were playing in the war That was the beginning of an idea an eccentric country physician with a bent for natural history and a great love of pets These letters became The Story of Doctor Dolittle, published in 1920 Ages 6 12Cleanliness Good gracious, golly, goodness, and Lord save us are used Mentions smoking a pipe, rum, tobacco, snuff, and...

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