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  • Paperback
  • 126 pages
  • Alhaki Kuykuyo Ne...
  • Balaraba Ramat Yakubu
  • English
  • 26 December 2019
  • 9789381626849

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    Well, now So this is the first English translation of a Nigerian Hausa language novel in the genre of popular fiction called love literature, which is for and by women and caused some kerfuffle among people who think women shouldn t be reading this shocking stuff This is all ringing quite the bell It is the purest soap I mean, you could wash your clothes in this Crappy abusive husband divorces wife, abandons kids, alienates family and friends His ex wife and daughter are the focuses of the novel, or less, although as soon as the daughter marries a lovely bloke, the perspective starts sliding to him It s a purely ridiculous story and the translation reads pretty declarative and workaday may be the translator, may be the original style but I found it completely compelling I wanted to know what happened, which is basically the essence of storytelling And it isn t wish fulfilment or whatever It looks like it s going to be a story about the abused wife triumphant view spoiler and then shitbag dude loses everything, and everyone forces her to go back to him The entire society Because he s sorry for what he did once he s lost everything and is reduced to penury and needs to be looked after , so apparently she still has to look after the useless fucker who starved and divorced her and abandoned her kids Argh Which, it is clear, she is forced to do by social pressure not innate goodness or forgiveness I hope she ruins the rest ...

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    This is the kind of book where though it s not all that well written or poorly written, it s utterly addictive I couldn t stop reading it because I HAD to know what happened next The main character s plight was so abysmal and her husband was such a lowdown a , I was sure that by the end of the story, he d get his and I wanted to be there to see read about it I m also fascinated by the different point of view and how that point of view values things that I don t value like worthless husbands.I enjoy getting out of my own head and spending time in the heads of others doing so keeps me balanced and makes me better abl...

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    I bought this book to read for a couple of reasons Since it is the first full length novel in the Hausa language ever translated into English, I thought it would give me some understanding of the language, culture and customs of the Hausa tribes of Nigeria Also, I was interested to read that Bollywood soap operas and movies have been very popular among the Hausa for decades and that these films have inspired a genre of literature called soyayya love in the Hausa language The Hausa tribe is largely an Islamic one and I was intrigued to find out how the pre dominantly Hindu family based Bollywood movies had such an appeal amongst them The novel itself is a short one, running into just 125 pages It is the story of Alhaji Abdu, a small time business man, who is married to Rabi and is the father of nine children, borne by her Abdu is a lousy husband to Rabi and an even lousier father He marries Delu, a prostitute, as his second wife and brings her home Soon, he throws Rabi and her children out on the street without any support and continues to live with Delu Rabi tries to support her children on her own through her small food business, and she is helped by her sister Tasidi and brother Malam Shehu As luck would have it, Alhaji Abubakar, a well to do man, takes a fancy to S...

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    In this book, I tell a story about a type of man found commonly in Nigeria who regards a married woman with children as a sort of slave to be bought or sold at the marketplace These men think they may treat such a woman as poorly as they like, since they believe her to be completely worthless They may be rich and comfortable themselves, yet refuse to feed and clothe their own families while simultaneously denying anyone else the right to do so Author s prefaceThis short novel is the first example of the Hausa language popular press to be translated into English As such, it has the potential to introduce the reader to a world that they otherwise would never have realized existed Balaraba Ramat Yakubu is a Nigerian writer and filmmaker In this book, as she states in the preface, she attempts to draw attention to a specific social phenomenon men who neglect their wives and children in favor of spending money on themselves I do not know how common this is in Nigeria, but the author s decision to focus on it indicates that it is or was probably common than I expected.The story concerns ...

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    This book is a quick read It s a peep into the lifestyle , society , food and customs of Hausa society Patience and good behaviour 2 virtues that get you through so much in life The book says it clearly it s nothing short of a soap opera but I a...

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    The prose is serviceable and the moral is a bit heavy handed like a modern Muslim fairytale These weaknesses, however, are offset by the vivid characters and fascinating insights into Hausa culture with polygamous marriages and black magic.

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    From my Year of Reading the World list This is the first book from northern Nigeria written in the Hausa language translated into English read about it Interesting culture.

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Alhaki Kuykuyo Ne...Epub Alhaki Kuykuyo Ne Author Balaraba Ramat Yakubu Horsebackridinggeorgia.us Beginning In The Late 1980s, Northern Nigeria Saw A Boom In Popular Fiction Written In The Hausa Language.Known As Littattafan Soyyaya Love Literature , The Books Are Often Inspired By Hindi Films Which Have Been Hugely Popular Among Hausa Speakers For Decades And Are Primarily Written By Women They Have Sparked A Craze Among Young Adult Readers As Well As A Backlash From Government Censors And Book Burning Conservatives.Sin Is A Puppy That Follows You Home Is An Islamic Soap Opera Complete With Polygamous Households, Virtuous Women, Scheming Harlots, And Black Magic.It S The First Full Length Novel Ever Translated From Hausa To English.And It S Quite Unlike Anything You Ve Ever Read Before.

About the Author: Balaraba Ramat Yakubu

Balaraba Ramat Yakubu published her first novel in 1987, and has been one of the bestselling Hausa authors ever since She has also written, directed, and produced a number of films for Kannywood, the Hausa language film industry based in Kano, Nigeria.