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Historische Fragmente Renowned For His Civilization Of The Renaissance In Italy And Reflections On History, Jacob Burckhardt 1818 1897 Has Well Been Described As The Most Civilized Historian Of The Nineteenth Century Judgments On History And Historians Consists Of Records Collected By Emil D Rr From Burckhardt S Lecture Notes For History Courses At The University Of Basel From 1865 To 1885 The 149 Brief Sections Span Five Eras Antiquity, The Middle Ages, History From 1450 To 1598, The History Of The Seventeenth And Eighteenth Centuries, And The Age Of Revolution.

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    This is a compliation of lectures given by one of the greatest historians in, well, history As such, it is obviously disjointed and not easy to follow at times unless you have plenty of background information Burckhardt s razor sharp insights are in evidence as they always are but undoubtedly much of the information he provides, particularly with regards to events that greatly preceded his time, are inaccurate The strength of the book is in its aphorisms, its grand sweep of h...

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    Grat hindisght on the way the state strengthens its power mass pression, envy, egaltarianism, an invasion and usurpation of every form of social pwoer that does not come from the state, a will to make of the ...

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