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The Devils Doctors The Brutal Japanese Treatment Of Allied POWs In WW2 Has Been Well Documented The Experiences Of British, Australian And American POWs On The Burma Railway, In The Mines Of Formosa And In Camps Across The Far East, Were Bad Enough The Author Reveals Distressing Evidence Of Unit 731 Experiments Involving US Prisoners And The Use Of British As Control Groups In Northern China, Hainau Island, New Guinea And In Japan.

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    I got to page 37 and already people were having there arm s and leg s removed only to be re stitched somewhere they shouldn t a strong stomach some other verification is required.

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    Poorly written, hard to read, no real information that you can t just get by skimming a Wikipedia article Rambling, repetitive, full of typos, pages go by without and spacing for new paragraphs I think this might actually be a student s persuasive essay assignment being sold on for 11.

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    A very solid historical re evaluation of a particular angle of the Unit 731 horrors