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The Shackleton Voyages This Pictorial Anthology Celebrates The Life Of Ernest Shackleton, A Major Protagonist In The Heroic Age Of Antarctic Exploration At The Beginning Of The Twentieth Century He Is Best Known For His Legendary Third Expedition Endurance , But Shackleton Also Undertook Three Other Expeditions Each Enthralling In Its Own Way But None Achieving The Goal It Set Out To Reach Charm, Charismatic Leadership And Dogged Determination Ensured Shackleton Became A Hero In His Own Lifetime.Each Chapter Explores A Period Of Shackleton S Life And Is Introduced By Roland Huntford S Illuminating Text And Accompanied By A Host Of Photographs, Drawings And Diary Extracts, Many Hitherto Unpublished Shackleton S Restless, Independent Spirit Suffered Early And His Wit And Courage Captivated And Inspired Financial Backers As Well As His Men During The Bleakest Of Moments When He Lost The Race To The South Pole, First To The Norwegian Explorer Roald Amundsen In 1911 And Then To His Arch Rival Captain Scott In 1912, He Set His Sights On Crossing Antarctica Once Again He Failed, But He Turned Disaster Into Success By Returning With All The Men Under His Command Alive After A Couple Of Years Of Slaving Lecturing And Writing To Pay Off His Debts In The Downbeat Post War Years, He Raised The Funds And Enthusiasm For A Final Expedition Quest A Romantic To The End, As Quest Reached South Georgia, He Died Of A Heart Attack, Aged Only Forty Seven.However, His Death Lacked The Glory Of Scott S Death Only Recently Has Shackleton S Reputation Emerged From Scott S Shadow Shackleton Never Forgave Scott For Invaliding Him Home After Their Attempt To Reach The South Pole In 1902 3 In Part This Anger Was The Driving Force Behind Shackleton S Repeated Expeditions To Antarctica Shackleton Proved He Could Endure Severe Climates And Wild, Inhospitable Terrain, But Above All He Displayed An Exceptional Talent For Leadership And A Fanatical Determination Which Led Him, As He Put It, To Go On Going Till One Day I Shall Not Come Back ,

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    This sumptuous volume presents a pictorial anthology of the Polar explorer and Edwardian hero Ernest Shackleton Accompanying the myriad of photographs, taken by the photographers on each of his expeditions, there are a variety of Shackleton s diary entries, a collection of drawings done by various members of each party and some insightful captions by Julie Summers Roland Huntford introduces each chapter with a lengthy and most useful historical background.Shackleton undertook four voyages to the Antarctic, the first of which, in 1901 03 was with Captain Scott aboard the Discovery He had already served in the Mercantile Marine and was an accomplished sailor when he went south with Scott, when, after a long lapse, Antarctic exploration was in the process of revival He departed England as one of two merchant officers on board Discovery on 6 August 1901 and on 9 January 1902 he first stepped foot on Antarctic snow ironically most of the 50 men on the ship, including the Commander, had hardly ever seen snow Once they reached McMurdo Sound, Scott sent Shackleton out to reconnoitre the route that he and Scott and Edward Wilson, a...