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All on Account of You: A True WWII Love Story KINDLE All On Account Of You A True WWII Love Story Elaine Luddy Klonicki Wgf2011.eu Angie Courtney Is A Spirited Young Woman Realizing Her Dream She Is Living In A Girls Club In New York, Studying Fashion Design Bill Luddy, A Boy She Left Behind In Her Hometown Of Altoona, PA, Is Now Stationed On A Navy Ship Docked On The Hudson Bay They Begin Dating Each Other Again In 1942 During His Officers Training And He Wins Her Heart Through His Daily Love Letters.

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    I am the author of this book which is the true story of my parent s courtship during WWII It contains my mom s memoirs interspersed with over 50 of my dad s romantic love letters If you loved Nicholas Sparks The Notebook, you will really enjoy this book, which is a slice of Americana.

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    If I could give this book ten stars, I would What a delightful, sweet account of two people living out their love for each other especially through WWII I highly recommend it.

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    If you re looking for a heroic tale of grand war time adventure or lurid confessions of clandestine romance this is not the book for you.All on Account of You is the simply and heartwarmingly told story of two talented, intelligent, straightforward people who grew to love one another through mutual respect, shared spiritual and human values and a young man s persistence, communicated tenderly and with an open heart.At a time when young women rarely left their home communities for reasons other than marriage, Angie Courtney was adventurous enough to move nearly 300 miles from hers to study clothing design She had several suitors, with whom she enjoyed various outings She liked some better than others, but one of them from her home town of Altoona, Pennsylvania Bill Luddy was not one she considered seriously at first.Bill had other ideas, though He spent time with Angie whenever he could When he couldn t spend time with her, he wrote letters to her even when he was in the same city Bill s letters spoke of his convictions about what marriage meant and about the faith he and Angie sh...

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    All on Account of You All on Account of You is not only the title of a true, heartwarming, World War II love story It is also the title of a loving song written by Bill Luddy as he eagerly courted Angie Courtney The two had met in Altoona, Pennsylvania, where she was in high school and he in college in the late nineteen thirties He clearly fell in love very quickly, but she was thoroughly enjoying a wider social scene and also had firmly in mind a career in fashion design She was determined to go to New York to pursue it Remarkably, soon thereafter, Bill, too, wound up in New York for his Navy training The descriptions of their lives and courtship there are fascinating While the bulk of the story is told through Bill s tender, loving words in his almost daily letters to Angie, her perspective comes partly from her early journals and notes and partly from recent interviews Their stories, along with letters from other family members, are woven together seamlessly by their author daughter Elaine Luddy Klonicki, and the book and song title has significant meaning as their life stories intertwine Both came from loving, deeply religious, high spirited, large families, and together, guided by those experiences, they achieved the same for their own large family In many ways it is the story of the American dream The story is not, however, just about families The letters and recollections record the events and thinking of the times, through...

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    All on Account of You A True WWII Love Story introduces the reader to the type of love affair everyone wishes to live at least once in their life.Elaine Luddy Klonicky tells the story with a finesse that very few could master, and her writing is so compelling that the reader inevitably feels transported back in time to when her parents fell in love.This beautiful memoir made me laugh and cry, gasp and smile, but than anything it gifted me with a newfound appreciation for my own parents and grandparents, as I read of the struggles Elaine s family went through during war time.The book also offers many original photos that are a real treat to see.I would recommend All on Account of You A True WWII Love Story to anyone who enjoys true stories with a happy ending, to all who believe in love, and even to those who don t All on Account of You A true WWII Love Story...

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    Elaine Klonicki s book is a gem of history as important and thought provoking as any academic s assessment of the time The stories of real people and how they were able to cope with changing and challenging times provides a realistic look into an era that many...

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