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The Iliad, Books 8-9 One Of The Greatest Stories Ever Told, Iliad Has Survived For Thousands Of Years Because Of Its Insightful Portrayal Of Man And Its Epic Story Of War, Duty, Honor, And Revenge.While Iliad Recounts The War Between The Trojans And Achaeans, It Also Is The Tragic Story Of The Fiery Tempered Achilles Insulted By His King, The Proud Achilles Decides To Stand By As His Comrades Are Annihilated, But Circumstances Finally Spur The Warrior To Wreak Savage Retribution Upon Troy.The Battle Between The Trojans And Achaeans Stirs Ancient Passions And Vendettas Among The Gods Of Olympus While The Two Armies Of Mortals Confront Each Other, The Gods Fly To Earth To Aid Their Allies And Confound Their Enemies Soon, They Too Enter The Fray Alongside The Men, Which Leads To An Attempt To Betray Zeus Himself, The Supreme King Of Olympus.Woven Among The Battle Scenes Are The Stories Of The Men And Women Caught In The War The Trojan Prince Hector, Who Is Torn Between Duty And Love For His Wife And Young Son Helen, Who Is The Most Beautiful Woman In The World, But Who Comes To Regret Being Born And Priam, The King Of Troy, Who Is Too Old To Battle, But Has The Strength For One Final Act Of Courage.