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I Will Rejoice I Will Rejoice Books Author Karma Wilson Based On Psalm 118 24, This Story Shows Children How To Rejoice And Be Glad In Each Day The Lord Has Made Getting Dressed, Playing, Eating Lunch, And Listening To A Story Are All Activities Worthy Of Being Joyful.

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    Beautiful artwork alongside beautiful, simple, rhyming text that takes the reader through the day of the main character.

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    I wish there wereChristian picture books like this.

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    Absolutely loved this book Short, sweet, and rhyming.

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    Rhyming lines interspersed with This is the day the Lord has made and I will rejoice and be glad in it The story and the illustrations take a little girl and her teddy bear through her day, showing all the things she has to rejoice about Those include friends, family, sweet dreams at naptime, and manythings The point is easily seen about all the thing...

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    A little girl rejoices in every part of her day.9 7 2017 Read with Naomi Julia.

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    A story showing a young girl rejoicing in every part of her day I especially liked that this included rejoicing in imaginative, fantastical play dreams.

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    The pictures just radiate joy I like the repetition of the Psalm verse like a refrain between the rhyming verses describing a little girl s day My preschool aged daughters could identify with the sweet little girl and her happy day of playdate and storytime and leaping into daddy s arms...

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    If your goal is to have your child memorize scripture this would be a fun and personal way to introduce Psalm 118 24 Otherwise this is another Christian centered children s book that is probablyfun for grown ups than for children It s very pretty and sweet...

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    This book is being added to my guest room library, it is one that I would b glad to read while curled up with my nephews when they sleep over sometimes we take the little everyday things for granted and its a good idea to remind ourselves that we should be thankful.

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    Play, love, eat, hug, read, listen, dream, talk, and pray all in a day.

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