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Search KINDLE Search Richard Coller Thomashillier.co.uk What If The Next Generation Is Denied The Benefits Of A Government Founded On God Centered Political Integrity Ryker Cuff Finds Himself Thrust Into The Middle Of An American Tragedy Where USA Original Fundamentals Are Perverted Or Gone, Leaving Influence On Society Much Different From Its Founding Technology Has Advanced But Society Reflects An Unprincipled Philosophy Without The Authority Of God S Word It Is Up To An Underground Organization To Research, Resurrect Roots And Teach People What Is Lost The Network Struggles With Organizing And Operating Under The NMA Neutral Morals Agency , Which Polices The Governments New Amoral Rights Intrigue, Intelligence And Ingenuity Frame Actions As Each Alliance Vies For Societal Dominance The Term Tolerance Has Been Overused And Abused It Was Successfully Used To Elevate Lenience Of Ideas Contrary To Unsophisticated Christian Conviction But It Was Turned Upon Progressive Philosophies In Like Manner The Term We Need Is Something That Matches Our Goals Of Tolerance But Only Supports Neutral Reactions The Term Neutral Should Be Integrated Into The Idea Of Freedom Morgan Tanner, New American Bill Of Rights Taskforce Leader 8 18 2022