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Pilgrim in the Land of Alligators: More Stories about Real Florida (Florida History and Culture) Download Pilgrim In The Land Of Alligators More Stories About Real Florida Florida History And Culture Jeff Klinkenberg Paletterie2000.eu Pilgrim In The Land Of Alligators Provides A Welcome Opportunity For Readers To Discover The Character And Characters Of Real Florida In This Compilation, Drawn In Part From His Award Winning Columns, Klinkenberg Celebrates Some Of The Sunshine State S Most Distinctive Personalities, Including The Original Coppertone Girl And The Actor Who Played The Creature From The Black Lagoon Along The Way, He Travels To Swamps, Rickety Piers, And Florida S Only Cook Your Own Pancake Restaurant Ranging From Light And Comical To Wistful And Nostalgic, Klinkenberg Roams The State From Panhandle To The Keys, Looking To Answer The Question, What Makes Florida Florida Pilgrim In The Land Of Alligators Will Be A Welcome Addition To The Bookshelves Of Longtime Fans Or Readers New To His Work.

10 thoughts on “Pilgrim in the Land of Alligators: More Stories about Real Florida (Florida History and Culture)

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    The author is a very good writer He is clear, concise and writes in a way that will make you want to keep on reading The Floridians he writes about are truly unique and reminded me of how truly unique a place Florida is It reminded me of the Florida I remember when I was growing up in the sixties and seventies My family visited Florida seve...

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    More great storytelling about Florida, I really enjoy the way he writes Some stories short, some long, all interesting.

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    Whether he is writing about a make them yourself pancake house, a man who lost an arm to an alligator named Mojo, or his mother shortly after her death, St Petersburg Times columnist Jeff Klinkenberg goes far beyond the obvious goal of documenting what Florida means to him in his collection Pilgrim in the Land of Alligators The writing is consistently engaging, the range of topics fascinating, and the inspiration to seek out of his work at the St Petersburg Times website a natural byproduct of what he offers here From his articles of pop icons including the Coppertone girl and the two act...

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    I have enjoyed reading Jeff s articles in the St Pete Times I typically try to read Florida related books while on Florida vacations and this justly suited the bill for our trip to Fanning Springs Reading and re reading ...

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    Love to read some Klinkenberg when visiting Florida, he writes about the odd, different, special people and places that makes this state so crazy and unique Though so much of Florida has been strip malled, condoized and otherwise wrecked, Jeff helps find the place that once was and can stil...

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    A semi sequel to his Seasons of Real Florida , Pilgrim sees Jeff Klinkenberg continuing to do what he does best tell local color stories about his home state Klinkenberg focuses a bit on people and their work in this volume, and ultimately, I found it less satisfying, though still enjoyable.

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    As a Florida girl with sand in her shoes who now lives in western North Carolina, this book really took me back to a place that felt, smelled, tasted, and looked like home Klinkenberg is a wonderful storyteller and the essays in this book form a beautifully detailed portrait of Old Florida.

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    Compilation of non fiction stories and articles by the author about Florida Unfortunately, I didn t find most of them very interesting but I think it is a matter of personal taste rather than bad writing.

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    Finished this last night and thought it was great He reminds me a lot of Charles Kurault If you live in Florida or just visit here, I highly recommend this one Very character driven stories that were delightful to read.

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    I really enjoyed this collection of non fiction short stories about Florida As a transplant to this area, I am always delighted to learn about its various regions This book gave me some great ideas for day weekend trips around the state.

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